A Vampire's Story


As was usual for winter in the isolated medieval manor of Stonebrooke, the bleak cold weather and consistent snow had resulted in dark grey clouds skimming the floors of the countryside, resulting in dense fog, and the roads having to be closed due to deep snow and black ice.

The combined conditions of the snow and the unwilling socialist tendencies of the occupants of the manor meant that they were effectively cut of from society for the winter…not that they minded. One of the occupants was lying prone and unmoving in her bed, covers pulled up under her slender chin to avoid the cold, when her alarm went off. Stumbling out of her magnificent four-poster bed reluctantly, she slammed the off button on the alarm and clumsily made her way over to her walk in closet. Seeing herself in the mirror and her half-asleep uncoordinated actions the girl seemed to pull herself together.

With deft fingers she picked up a silver brush from the shelf behind her and then gracefully she spun back around to face the mirror in order to place her parting. After doing so she brushed her hair, marvelling at how it's reddy-chestnut colour glistened in the lights around the mirror and how easily her hair and the brush made static, her hair moving towards the brush as if compelled. She smirked to herself over that thought for no apparent reason and she quickly put the brush back on its shelf, satisfied that her hair was brushed to shining perfection.

Then, gracefully turning towards the drawers, she took out something that she felt comfortable in wearing and allowed for a full range of motion – black baggy combats, black adios and a black tank top with a black velvet hoody thrown over the top encase of cold. Yes, black is her favourite colour.

Now fully dressed, (she never bothered with make-up, she couldn't see the point) Kacie moved from her closet and back in her room with an unconsciously alluring walk that would have boys racing after her with no trouble at all.

Glancing at the alarm clock, she swore inventively under her breath and rushed to the door on the far side of her room that led to the hallway; she was going to be late for class. Rushing at brisk walk, almost running, down the halls that led to her class she was a lone figure silhouetted against the dark halls. It was eerily silent since in the world outside of Stonebrooke manor everyone was asleep- it was about half past midnight- Kacie's school day started at 12:45am.

Around ten minutes after her rushed departure from her room, and three flights of stairs later, Kacie was at the door to her classroom. Her class was always in the library of the great manor, which, to some, was a cause of envy. The library always had a fire burning in the great fireplace during cold nights and the chairs were by far some of the comfiest throughout the manor. A class in the library was an advantage of being in most senior year of her schooling there.

Just as she sat down in the russet red armchair that was allocated to her and was placed as part of a semicircle around the fire, the teacher walked into the room. The very air in the room seemed to cool as the man entered and a feeling of power engulfed all of those sitting around the fire, but they were used to this by now. This man was their teacher, and though he looked as if he was only twenty-five or so, his true age was close to 2000 years old. He was one of the ancient vampires, and a force to be reckoned with.

'Are we ready to begin?' he asked, his voice resonating with a somehow compelling trustworthy tone.

One after the other, the sixteen year olds around the fire nodded. It was time for their class to begin and they would pay attention. They needed to know this information- it could prove essential in the years that were ahead of them.

The man smiled a large smile that transformed his sombre face into something wondrous before beginning with his lecture.

'To begin with, I'd like to say that this is one of the most important lessons on the history or our kind that is taught. Therefore, I kindly ask for your attentions.

The question is often posed by humans, how did vampires come to be? They'll come up with some nonsense about cursed souls and the devil for the main, but the truth is far different. Vampires originated back in the French court when the then king decided that he needed some wise men and scribes which could ensure the knowledge that was learnt remains true and fresh throughout time. To reach his end he got his scientists to start a whole new movement which focused on changing the genetic code of a human so that they'd live longer and be impervious to all except serious injury.

Now, before you interrupt with protests that the French court wouldn't have such advanced technology…listen to my story- you'll soon realise how this all came to be. Eventually the king's scientists came up with a serum, which they injected into volunteers. These volunteers, after a day of extreme pain, gained what no one had up until that point in time: virtual immortality. No, they didn't grow wings, claws or fangs. They remained perfectly human in appearance and were…except for their uncanny ability to heal in fascinatingly short amounts of time, and their invulnerability to disease. They were the ultimate race and they were entrusted to keep all the secrets and knowledge of the time.

This was when the population of our kind was highest with more and more people wanting to cheat and escape death but then the king took it all one-step too far. He should have been happy with what he'd achieved but he wasn't. He brought back his scientists and asked them to improve on what they'd done – he asked them to improve the memory ability of this new race and to make them stronger so that they were less likely to be killed by chance.

Arrogant due to the success of the previous venture, the king told the scientists that they were to not only create this new serum but also make it so that once injected into one of the new race, all of them were affected. To the king, this seemed not only efficient but also cheap in the scheme of things. What a mistake he made.

That serum, in one sweep, created chaos. The scientists had made a mistake, not knowing enough about the technology they were using, instead of better memory the new kind had heightened senses and instead of just being stronger they had almost animalistic urges, especially for that of blood. The scientists had created what they termed a 'monster' but we, of course, later named ourselves vampires.

Seeing the consequences of their actions, everyone was aghast with fear at what they could do. Not knowing any better, and new to controlling their animalistic counterparts, the vampires ran wild on blood lust sprees, killing innocents all over. Immediate laws were laid which exiled vampires and mobs ran around the place, killing us off one by one. Those who'd managed to have enough blood to make sense of things and get a bit of their selves back were clever enough to make a run for it and leave the country. I was one of those very few vampires.'

There was a gasp from those assembled at that but the teacher just paused, waiting for the commotion to die down, before continuing with his story

'After that vampires went into hiding. The scientists who were working on the project were killed and their documents associated with it were burnt in an attempt to abolish all knowledge of the technology. However, the foolish French court forgot that the vampires who survived this slaughter retained the knowledge that created them.

It turned out however that they didn't need it. Along with their heightened senses, and other new abilities, came the power to 'turn' a mortal into a vampire. Many, though, simply didn't want to do this. They felt that a vampire freshly turned from a mortal would run riot like they had and it was true. Even now, vampires who were once mortals spend their first week or so within the confines of a padded cell in our dungeons and those who are let loose on society are quickly tracked down and brought back here.

No matter what the humans say, we are not a callous and monstrous race and we are not cursed. We are simply the unfortunate casualties of circumstance. Do I make myself clear?'

'yes sir' was the hearty reply from all those sitting before the great man in front of them. They all found themselves looking at him with a new respect and, as class was adjourned, a lot of them stayed to chat and talk over the implications of what they'd learnt. Kacie however, went back to her room to muse in private.