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Due to not having the choice not to because of the pressure Zachary and Dominic, two of its most powerful members, put on it from within, the council gradually began to understand how wrong their views on vampire kind had become and, after the celebrated release of Zachary which to many, if it hadn't occurred, would've meant forsaking the treaty entirely, the council agreed to all the points that Dominic and Isabella had drawn up without exception.

Meanwhile, Isabella had travelled to Lyon where she eventually resolved her differences with a reluctant and unbearably bitter Colette on explaining that she was forced by her family into receiving the injection that forced all other forerunners of vampire kind to turn into vampires. Her parents had deemed it a good thing, a break through in modern science which would boost their family's status in the king's eyes, whereas Isabella herself had been more reluctant to trust the scientists' limited knowledge of what they were messing around with.

Jake and Zachary still haven't yet managed to become a true family; they endure only civil terms because of the constant rebuttal of friendship branches on Jake's part. Zachary keeps trying to break through to his son but it'll be hard to pierce the shell that Jake has erected around himself to keep everyone out whilst he deals with his identity problems.

In contrast, Kacie and Luis grew steadily closer as the war was resolved and direct conflict avoided. Now they are almost inseparable, bar petty, quickly resolved, arguments, the perfect match for each other as Colette had long ago imagined.

The End.

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