He dreamed of a paradise world wrecked by the crimes of mankind; of technology turned evil being utilized to crumble the foundations of human society for all the wrong reasons. He saw a fire across the land; a storm breaking on a terrified shore, and the shoreline advancing, slowly, accelerating, unstoppable. He saw the final peace of panic, the preparations for the certain afterlife after an Apocalypse at mankind's own hands. He saw Revelations; but as a distant fantasy, as mankind lost faith in itself. He saw the water begin to fall, slowly at first, picking up speed; perplexing the greatest minds worldwide as people were swept away by the torrents; the anticipation of those at high elevation being forced to watched the world die around them before themselves being crushed. The rising ocean was tumultuous, too, and of the millions that tried to escape their fates by water vessels, few survived. It was broadcast worldwide for mankind to head South to "Antarctica", a wide area of high land that, if anywhere, might be used to survive the flood. Thousands made it, hundreds of thousands did not. Some stopped on islands closer to their homes; most were overturned and sent down to the deeps. He saw, as the rains ceased, the broken cries of relief and mourning of the most awful tragedy known to man by its survivors, as, eventually, worldwide, the memory was elected to be forgotten. They saw themselves as Noah of a new era, as Reus had himself; and in the face of the worst managed to convince themselves that it was all for the better. And in the meanwhile, Reus saw the rapid contingencies being thrown into place; in light of new technology: the unified field. The "Forcefield", which many of the largest cities worldwide, that they, at the last moment before destruction, managed to operate with the power of their own miniature sun, and preserve themselves at the bottom of the ocean. These cities ceased their contact with the surface, forcibly adapting to a new way of life under no light and a mile of water's pressure. So long as the bubbles held; they had a chance; but life would be nearly impossible, having to try to acquire resources solely by digging down into grounds long expended, and chemistry. Some of the submerged cities failed; the ensuing destruction was swift and merciless. Those that did survive organized themselves into an efficient body of workers, to function in a way to best ensure their own survival.

He dreamed of the heavens slowly rotating through the ages, and then, as this tragedy ensued, becoming locked on the cryptic image of the "water-bearer", where they had remained since. Inexplicably, mysteriously, but the observations were disregarded as mankind had other things to worry about.

Afterwards he slept peacefully.

When he awoke, his vision was blurred; he was disoriented. Reus thought, for a moment, that he was back on Mythagos, before the waves of memory crashed against him. Invigorated, he jumped to his feet and scrambled through the stack of books, searching for the embedded text. It was not between them; he began pulling books up and shaking them. From some, papers fell out, from other large sections.

A-ha! A pamphlet emerged from the Civilization Dilemna.

The Age of Aquarius. It seemed almost holy; in his hands. On the front cover was a map of the night sky that had grown so familiar; over an oceanic planet's horizon.

The subtitle read, "A short packet of important information for the common person." He opened it; I'm a common person…

The front flap had a picture of man; carrying two pails of water on a rod over his shoulder. A shiver of uncanny familiarity shot up Reus's spine; he had encountered that figure too many times. Beneath it: "What is the Aquarius?"

"Aquarius is an astrological sign of the Zodiac. It is the constellation of the water-bearer, situated between Pisces and Capricorn." There was a squiggly symbol beneath this, obviously representing water. "The Zodiac is an imaginary line drawn in the sky along the path of the sun throughout the year, which passes through twelve constellations. The Age of Aquarius is that time when the sun is, on the spring equinox (the day in spring on which day and night are Equal in duration), just entering the segment of sky of Aquarius, leaving Pisces which it will not return to for about 25000 years. This will occur in about the year 2630, give or take a few depending on what one defines as the border of the constellation."

So much already was explained.

"What does the Age of Aquarius mean?"

"In modern astrology, the age of Pisces, considered from about 400 A.D. (the Fall of Rome) to 2630 A.D. (some unknown event), is associated with monotheism, selfishness, greed, and spirituality, represented by the symbol of the fish. It was during this era, as one can clearly see in reflection as near its end, that mankind developed all the splendors of modern society, and our now-worldwide capitalist economy, as well as the dominant world religions. Our economy represents greed; as it is based around competition rather than cooperation, while our religions signify monotheism and spirituality, and the endless conflict between these monotheistic religions.

Aquarius, on the other hand, will bring about Freedom and Peace. We have witnessed already such brutal wars that we would never wish for them to repeat, and we can be certain that once we exit the age of Pisces, they will not repeat themselves: mankind will transcend archetypal religion, and a capitalist, greed-driven economy, and the wars associated with these things, for a future in harmony under the rule of a benevolent intellectual aristocracy. But, of course, as freedom and peace of expression and mind in addition to society rise, all will be considered part of this intellectual aristocracy, for mankind will have moved beyond acting in his own best interest. Religion and science will no longer be at odds but be blended, along with spirituality and philosophy, into a field of all knowledge; personal, factual, imaginative: and humanity will be better for it. And gradually, the sun and mankind and the earth and all existence will proceed towards Capricorn, and we will transcend to some yet unimaginable level of consciousness and virtue."

It was all clear; Reus knew what he must do. This life-changing short pamphlet which he had just experience could clearly be integrated into what evidence he already had, and, in his mind, he formulated the startling conclusion.

Something went wrong.

Somewhere in the "Grand Procession of the Equinoxes", something went wrong. We are frozen between two ages; Pisces is gone but Aquarius has yet to come. The herald of this new age, the Water-bearer, stands high in the sky but awaits the world to catch up with him. The sins of the Age of Pisces were scheduled to be drowned and washed away by the flood from the heavens; as Noah was to carry on he line of mankind after his own flood. But something went wrong.

Humanity has become too capable; we have cheated fate. The C.C., and, likely, even the people of their so-called Atlantis have escaped the fate that was there's by technology and by faith. A terribly, merciless society remains in the world, and a slight capitalistic and monotheistic society, so slight in its existence, have perpetuated, and, until they cease to be, our forty days and forty nights will never reach their conclusion.

I have no way of knowing whether I am the first to reach these conclusions, but, having reached them, I feel it is my responsibility to take it upon myself to do something about it. I may not have been intended to be our Noah, but whoever he is cannot yet do his divine task. Perhaps he has become immortal for it; perhaps he has died.

It is fate that threw me into these miserable circumstances. I can think of no better way to destroy this evil society than by, for a while, acquiring an inconspicuous position of power within it. It is my destiny, when I am traded into the depths, to conquer the depths, and lay waste to a civilization that is past its time; and to feel regret and remorse but know it is all for the greater good. And then to emerge triumphantly from the sea, as my comrades on land have broken the rotting foundations of Atlantis and left only the sturdy ones. And then the floods will recede, and what remains will be a new Eden, which the diminutive remains of humanity must take up the responsibility to populate virtuously and without sin.

And the sky will begin its motion again. The water-bearer, once so vivid, will pass on out of sight and make way for something ever more sublime. And we may pray to our collective human mind that the next age comes in without a hitch, and we can follow our set course to divinity.

Reus read no more of his books; he composed a letter instead which he requested of a guard its ensured transfer to Captain Jovan, once the ship returned to Atlantis.

He had to set events in motion, so as to set the world in motion once again.

When they took him into the depths he was quiet, aware, and brooding, and they were unaware of what a weapon of the future to wage brutal war on the past they were carrying with them; in the guise of nothing more than a young man.