Dark clouds are covering

The once bright clouds

I'm still remembering

All of our times

Every time it rains

I think of you

Every time the music plays

It sings of you


What if you never left me
All by myself

Wet under the pouring rain

Just all alone

Watching you walk away

Without turning back

Seeing the way you look at her

I wish she was me,

I wish she was me.

I've built a wall around me

Keeping me safe

From anyone who approaches

Anyone at all

I've shut everyone else out

But the storm is still up there

I won't love again

I won't hurt anymore


Because of you I don't dare to let anyone else in

Because of you my heart can't take anymore

I've learnt my lesson and I've learnt not to open up

Oh, not to you, not to my friends, not to anyone at all