Here I stand - next to you, and on this day.
With a proclamation - of selfishness, awe, and desire.

I've been driven - to the extent of obsession.
Thinking of you, I am desperate for you.

I have swallowed my pride, overcame my fears,
and disregarded my cowardice.
For the sake of happiness, and for mine alone.

Yet, as irony would do me justice.
You, and only you - can decide my fate.

So I beg of you, take me.
Curtail what little romance I have to offer, but take me.

I've yet to cherish the passion of my thoughts.
So, even if - only for just a moment.
Let me have my way with you.

Be mine, and only mine.
For only then, could I, can I, and will I.

Realize - you transcend all words.
Thoughts, sensations, and my very life itself.