Title: Moon Worship
Rating: K

Summary: Strange angel Lucinda reflects on the moon, the city, and flight.

Author's Notes: Another (very short) story set in the Strange Angels universe. My earlier story "Flight" introduces these characters, but isn't absolutely necessary to understand what's going on here. Enjoy.

I can see the moon. It's full, hovering over the city like a guardian. I can understand why pagan religions worshiped it; there's something enigmatic and fascinating about it, especially when the night is perfect, like tonight. It feels like I can see every detail on its surface, crisp and clear in the remarkably clean air.

I can see the city. It's just as enigmatic as the moon is tonight, a dark and unfathomable beast spreading out beneath me. In its own way it's beautiful, especially in the cloaking darkness that hides the dirt and hate I know lurks out there. Every square of light in the skyscrapers rising before me marks someone else awake, someone else sharing this isolated time of night with me, even if they don't know that they are.

The wind strokes through my feathers, screaming and whistling between the silhouettes of towers to tug at my wings. It feels like it's begging me to come and play; there aren't many of my kind in this city. It's a rare sight to see us taking advantage of the singular challenges offered by city flight.

I lean against the intricate rail of this hotel room and stare at the moon. I can feel the caress of the air on my face, tilted up towards the night sky. It's tantalizing, but I should stay here. I should join Matthew--he's asleep in the wide bed, sleeping off the fine scotch he was delighted to find that this hotel offered. If he wakes and I'm gone, he won't be happy. Matthew worries; one of us has to. I should be here when he wakes up. I should be here to take care of him. But...

The sky calls to me. The moon beckons.

I climb up on the rail, talons gripping firmly as if I did things like this all the time. I spread my wings, and sway backwards, snatched by the wind. I grin widely, stretching my lips in an expression I know to be predatory. I flex my knees and ankles, crouch, and leap.

The wind fills my wings and carries me into the city, whirling me away like an enthusiastic lover. I reach for the moon. Tonight, I am the pagan, and in my night's flight, the moon sees worship

Author's Notes: All feedback is welcomed; let me know what you thought! Thank you for reading!