too dream...

when the heart is true, the mind is too

for all you see is all you do

to have a dream

is so much more

to feel the touch or the passing doors

love is one

adventure anther

you need to see, need to discover

with each passing day it seems so longer

you need to Grasp it


it will die and wither

for a dream is precious

a dream is ture

to be for filled is what it wants to do

so stop watching your life go by

your dreams are within you

where they will always lye


I wrote this for my very close and great mate (who is like a big brother to me) for his 21st birthday, and i can say there was motive behind the suject...

my setting out may seem different...or weird or something...but i am trying to make an effect though it, tell me if it worked or is a tagled mess of of a poem lolz...