Dark Eyes and French Fries

By Knightmare Elite

Due to reader response I have reedited this story with a number of fixes including the ending. I hope this helps. See I do listen...

It was hard enough being the new girl at school; Ashley was long content in her self-imposed alienation. It wasn't a means of clarification in her morals, or justification for her lesser accepted lifestyle. Ashley was simply herself, a sixteen year old lesbian.

From the door Ashley let her sexuality filter the air. She held no qualms to the blind prejudices and misguided views. Ashley wasn't unique; she dressed a reflection of a common virtue, if only understood by a similarly eccentric creature.

Her tastes bordered on psychotic with a style nothing short of alluring. Ashley licked her bright red lips feeling warmth in her stomach. It wasn't from her humming bird metabolism, rather Lucita, her beautiful Colombian girlfriend.

They proudly traversed the halls exuding a genuine love. Lucita would wrap herself around Ashley's arm, head resting across her shoulder. All the while her ass was gently palmed by Ashley's leisure hand.

Before Ashley entered the picture, Lucita was heterosexual and had a boyfriend. She slowly fell into Ashley's intricate web of lesbian lust and secular pleasures. They were the unrequited power couple.

As Ashley opened her locker, she was careful not to chip her nails. For the better part of the night, Ashley meticulously painted silver pentagrams within the black polish. They stood as yet another instance of her nonconforming conformity.

Ashley flicked her shoulder letting down her bag. The strap caught a few strands of hair yanking her neck. "Shit!" Carefully, Ashley untangled the fire engine red hair, brushing the blonde tip off her shoulder.

"Dammit now I'll have to straighten it again," Ashley groaned checking her makeup in the mirror.

More than anything Ashley hated straightening her hair. She ran her fingers through feeling the strands furl. Ashley sighed at her progressively morbid reflection. She pursed her lips steaming the mirror, eyes shaded in basic black, matching silver pentagram on each eyelid.

Ashley dumped off the morning books feeling her stomach rumble. She momentarily stared at the picture tacked to the wall. It was a picture of Lucita in a teeny string bikini.

It so generously displayed her curves. Ashley looked at the plump derriere, almost laughing to herself as the boys lost such an exotic treasure. "Did you miss me baby?" Ashley whispered taking out her chemistry book.

She tried to downplay her excitement but it was useless. Ashley simply loved lunch, as it was another excuse to spend time with Lucita. The only other period they shared was gym, mostly making out behind the bleachers till the coach noticed them missing.

As with all positives came the expected negative, but for Ashley she rode her punishment high into their envy. No less than a week after outing herself, Ashley was segregated from her fellow students. The ultimate blow was an exclusive lunch table, reserved for those of the homosexual nature.

She caught the creeping scent of posh perfume. It was immediately recognized as Ashley turned around.

"Are you gawking at that picture again? God you're so weird," scoffed an irritatingly familiar voice.

Ashley rolled her eyes sharply meeting the pastel shaded eyes of Lilly, her twin sister. "Why do you have to be in my lunch period?"

"Maybe they wanted to keep us together," Lilly said in her girlish giggle.

Ashley shook her head at Lilly's bimbo-esque nature. She was a smart girl but carried herself to society's approval. Her hot pink midriff did little to conceal her C cup. Lilly prided herself in having a nice chest, and seriously wanted a nipple piercing.

Their mother would never allow such 'extreme' body jewelry; Ashley's nose piercing was enough of a stretch. Lilly on the other hand pierced her belly button.

A navel ring suited Lilly in her pleasurable nature. She kept her blonde curls shoulder length for the perfect bounce, and wore only pink and red lipstick. With her always exposed and toned stomach, Lilly's hip hugging jeans made her true eye candy.

In a matter of convenience Ashley was never doubted of her beauty. All one had to do was look at her readily flaunting sister. In leather and latex was Ashley most comfortable.

Unlike Lilly's soft and obsessive nature, Ashley was more in tune with self representation. She dyed her hair fire engine red this week, keeping the tips blonde for effect. It ran down her back a perfect compliment to the teeny black midriff shirt.

"Your boobs look bigger!" Lilly gasped with an accusing finger.

"All you have to do is push them together when you're putting on the bra, dumbass," Ashley laughed.

Her breasts shifted in the rapturous laughter, light catching her nose ring at just the right angle. She spread the few bangs from her face, smiling apologetically. Ashley knew how easily Lilly's feelings were hurt.

It was a trait of her character to freely speak her mind; it was in effect what brought Ashley and Lucita together. Another aspect of Ashley was her ability to draw attention to herself.

She looked down at her cranberry red latex skirt, black fishnet stockings and studded combat boots; no one could understand how the two were related, or even how she ended up with Lucita.

Like most teenage identical twins, each struggled for that individualized identity. It was an easier transition for Lilly as she expanded on their natural beauty. With her natural blonde curls, sea blue eyes and pastel makeup, Lilly was the more accessible of the two.

In the six months since they moved to town, Lilly already had a swarm of friends. She had a cute boyfriend and was always smiles and giggles. Even with her popularity, Ashley loved her sister more than anything, and enjoyed annoying the hell out of her.

"Don't forget mom's working over tonight, so I guess I'm cooking…again," Ashley reminded.

Lilly shrugged, "Whatever, I might eat at Dillon's. Well, unless you're making something good. She reached into Ashley's locker un-taping the mini poster.

"I remember this day, we both got so tan," Lilly said.

Ashley snatched away the picture sticking it back against the wall. "That reminds me, since mom won't be in till tomorrow, Lucita's spending the night."

"How much sex can the two of you have? Seriously you do it like every other day," Lilly argued.

Ashley slammed her locker quickly zipping up her backpack. "What can I say, I keep my girl satisfied."

"I've noticed…."

"You almost sound jealous?" Ashley accused.

Lilly was taken aback by the allegation even if on some level true. "I just don't get the big deal about her. All the guys swoon over Lucita like she's some goddess. She's flat as a board for starters, and wears all those tight tops for god knows why!"

Ashley touched up her lipstick making a playful kiss at her reflection. "She's flat in the front and fat in the back, it's a nice switch up. Lucita knows I love her baby titties."

"I'll give you that much. Most people aren't into the teeny boobs. But I admit she's pretty for a Spanish girl. But the obvious draw is her ass. It would be nice if she was little modest about it," Lilly uneasily admitted.

"You know it's really a shame Lucita's a lesbian. Can you imagine all the boys' fantasies of 'tapping that'? I always wonder, what does it feel like to be a guy seeing us together?

Is it hot to see two girls in a lesbian relationship? Or do they find our love disgusting, and feel we have a rightful place in the foul pits of hell? I asked Lucitia about it the other night and you know what she said?"

Lilly shook her head at her sister's sarcasm. "Ash, why do you always have to joke about going to hell? That's not funny; it was bad enough how people treated you back in Ohio. Can't you have a non-cynical relationship with your girlfriend?" Lilly begged.

"You're so uptight about my sexuality. I'm not going to make myself some homo martyr. I like pussy; it just rolls off the tongue. And besides Lucita's madly in love with me, I'd say that's lofty sway in my favor.

So what if I joke about it, would you rather me be on anti depressants cutting myself, while listening to some trippy industrial music? Just let me enjoy my life, and besides I always have you to keep me somewhat grounded," Ashley confided.

"Well I still don't like you talking like that. It makes me sad to ever imaging anything happening to you. You're my best friend Ash," Lilly reminded.

"You get so sentimental over the dumbest shit, I swear. But like I was saying before, when I asked Lucita about how guys feel about us, she told me she's happy with who she is now, and has no regrets. It made me feel good you know, like I made some cosmic impact in her life," Ashley explained dreamingly placing both hands above her heart.

Lilly lazily rested her head on Ashley's shoulder. "Cosmic impact huh? And where exactly did this impact happen?"

"In her bed last Friday night, we were cuddling after watching a movie and I just asked her." Ashley admitted brushing her fingers along Lilly's ear.

"Aw, that's so cute," Lilly cooed, cheeks pinking

"We had sex afterward," Ashley airily added, dipping her shoulder.

Lilly nearly lost her balance, catching herself on the locker door. "Ash, not to sound mean or anything, but don't you think she's a little obsessive? I mean it's great to have someone who loves you and all, but Lucita's so damn clingy sometimes," Lilly sincerely stated looking apologetically into Ashley's eyes.

"Don't be a bitch," Ashley warned.

"I'm sorry," Lilly gave Ashley a hug. "Come on let's go they're about to ring the late bell." She took Ashley's hand walking briskly down the hall; two polar opposites in every way, except they were best friends, and walking proudly amongst their peers as the true odd couple.

"Oh yeah can I have my mp3 player back?" Ashley reminded as she extended her hand.

Lilly reached into her skin tight jeans pocket for the small device. "Here you go; it really helps make gym go faster. I really need a job so I get my own." She slipped it into Ashley's palm, walking backwards before her, garnering all attention. "Hey why don't you sit with me at lunch today, please?"

"Why do you ask me the same question everyday? I'm not sitting with you, I like having a semi private lunch with Lucita. I get to make out and chow down on fries all period," Ashley reminded, leading Lilly to her side as they walked.

"I don't know how you can stuff your face with fries everyday, you're going to turn into a big fry on day. Can you just imagine all that grease clogging your pores? It almost seems a waste for me to work out everyday. It's so gay you naturally maintain the exact same figure as me. Lilly fumed.

Ashley gasped and sidestepped her sister with a knowing glare, "So it IS genetics that makes me gay."

"I DID NOT say that!" Lilly quickly pulled Ashley from the path of a conversing jock, "I so should have let him steamroll your ass."

"Chill Lilly, I know you didn't mean anything by it. And um we are identical twins you know. So we'll always have the same body, unless one of us goes on some extreme eating binge, or gets a boob job. But I'm still not sitting with you," Ashley reaffirmed with a smile.

"But how can you sit at that table? They're segregating you because you're gay," Lilly asked.

"I don't care. Why cry about their ignorance when I can reap the benefits. How many sixteen year olds have their own lunch table? How many sixteen years olds have the courage to be out? Lilly I make my life happy because I'm not like you; I can't smile about dumb shit, and demand justice in life. All I need is, to know you love me and that's what lets me smile. No matter how down I may feel, I know my family will always be there. Ew, I feel so old talking like this. I'm starving let's get some fries already!" Ashley urged dragging Lilly to the lunch line. Two sun kissed arms wrapped around her waist.

"Hey baby, you weren't at your locker," Lucita whispered with a kiss to Ashley's earlobe.

Lilly looked over her shoulder at the Latin bombshell, shamelessly groping her sister to many jealous sighs. "Hey Lucita." She was frank in the greeting as to soften the intimidation.

Even from a heterosexual stance, Lilly found Lucita nothing short of beautiful. She was an elegant brunette, heavily layered across her shoulders, honey brown eyes in the darkest mascara, and her lips so fluffy as if crafted by the finest plastic surgeon from birth.

This was the girl Ashley stole away from the male populous. She stepped from behind Ashley, tight pink tee pressing on her cherry sized breasts. It sank down to the tiny waist resting just above her white capris.

They stretched across Lucitia's hips extending her natural curves, and playfully taking Ashley's hand into hers. She looked into Lilly's livid eyes, guiding Ashley's hand across her partially exposed belly, fingertips spreading across her thong in the extending palm, settling on the plush bump of her ass.

Nearly every eye fell to Lucita's ass in the granted peek, resting within the comfort of Ashley's palm.

"They have cheese steaks today. Want to split a large one?" Lucita offered taking out a dollar. Like Ashley, Lucita enjoyed messing with Lilly, both knew of her silent opposition to their union.

Ashley nodded while putting two packages of fries on her tray. "Can you get me a skim milk, there's no more down here?"

"I don't know how you can drink that, it's like water," Lucita scowled passing along the carton.

"It's all our mom drinks at home so we got used to it," Lilly admitted.

"Hi Lilly, you're looking pretty today," Lucita complimented.

Lilly blushed turning to one side. "You're only saying that because I look like Ashley."

"No way Lucita thinks you're totally cute," Ashley injected.

Lucita held Lilly's hand giving her a turn, "Really I do, I like contrast from Ashley. I wouldn't be opposed to Ashley going being your twin once in a while. But I won't complain because she's just as beautiful as you."

Lilly shifted her eyes to the deserts to weaken her blush. As they moved down the line she took a packet of fries, skim milk and small cheese steak. "Lucita, can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Lucita said while taking a packet of fries.

"Do you ever miss boys, or feel like something's missing in the relationship?" Lilly carefully asked.

Ashley gave Lilly an irate glare cutting in front of Lucita to pay. She stormed off to the condiment table loading up on ketchup.

"Don't mind her, she always thinks deep down you want to break us up. Can't say I'd blame her, twins are generally closer than even married couples. I'll be honest I do miss boys sometimes; it's just a part of my life," Lucita answered.

"Really I don't want to break you guys up. I'm really happy that Ashley's found someone who loves her. She had it really rough in our old town, and coming here was like a breath of fresh air. People are more accepting, even if they have a table for gays. I'm just worried that you're both moving too fast. I know it's a rush being in a new relationship and all but--"

"Lilly I know, believe me I know. It was a nightmare coming out to my parents. My mom was ready to throw me out, my dad talked her through it. She says it's her fault for never being there while I was growing up. It hurts," Lucita sadly explained.

"That's a touching story but we have to keep the line moving," said the cashier.

Lucita and Lilly stood red faced as the line was on their every word.

"…I'll IM you next time," Lilly whispered quickly paying for her lunch.

Lucita looked around at the nosy patrons and slid her money to the cashier. "People need to mind their own fucking business," as politely as possible was the comment expressed. She walked off accentuating each switch of her hips, all the way to the condiment table.

"You have to admit, it's kinda remarkable a girl like you just up and turned gay, and is so madly in love wit my sister of all people. Don't get me wrong, Ashley's an awesome peron, but you're more of a polar opposite than she and I are," Lilly defended while pouting a cup of ketchup.

"Think you're the only one? Most of the school swears I'm cheating on her. Well excuse me for being beautiful, does that mean I'm incapable of loving a person?"

"I wasn't accusing you of cheating. As much as I support Ashley for being a lesbian, it's so hard for me to cope sometimes. I feel like I lost a piece of her, and now you have it," Lilly admitted.

"What do you want from me Lilly? I can't take back how I feel about your sister. I love Ashley and want to be with her and only her. I fucking lost my virginity to her, oh is that what this is about?" Lucita accused.

"I don't understand."

"Are you just pissed because I'm fucking your sister?" Lucita bluntly accused.

"First off I am in no way jealous of Ashley's sex life. I'm not here to shove abstinence down your throat. I'm comfortable with my virginity. And why'd you become such a tease the minute you lost yours?"

"Why do you have to be such a bigot? I thought of all people, you'd be behind your sister. I guess I was wrong about you," Lucita shied away from Lilly's hand.

"I'm doing everything I can to be supportive of Ashley. I'll always love her no matter what. It's too bad she only goes after the pretty ones. No matter how hard Ashley falls for a girl, I'll always be there to catch her in the end," Lilly waned.

"Are you saying I'm not good enough for your sister?" Lucita calmly asked setting her tray on the table.

"See this is what I mean, you're so quick tempered, always thinking with your fists."

Lucita took off her earrings setting them down on her tray. "You know what bitch; I'm sick and tired of you, and everyone else getting on my ass over my relationship with Ashley!"

Lilly clutched her tray seeing the anger in Lucita's eyes, slowly stepping away in a solemn plea. "Please Lucita, I don't want to fight you. Violence isn't going to solve anything, and Ashley doesn't like abusive girls." She frantically searched for Ashley, in the distance standing up.

"No, I've tried being nice. I've tried seeing it from your perspective, and you know what?" Lucita asked in her frightfully calm voice, taking another step toward Lilly.

"…I don't want to fight you. I just want my sister to be happy," Lilly choked, eyes tearing as a crowd formed.

"You're all the same, so quick to judge us, thinking you know everything there is to know about gays. You stand here lying to my face about how you support Ashley. That's complete bullshit, she's told me how you've hated every girl she's ever dated. You find their flaws, and wedge yourself between them, feeding her the same 'I'm just watching out for my sister' bullshit. And it's not going to work this time." Lucita yelled with balled fists.

Lilly stepped backward tripping over her foot, tray falling across her shirt. She landed hard scurrying away, pulling a stray chair between them, anarchic chants of fight echoing in the background.

Lucita kicked the chair to one side leaning over the cowering twin. "I'm Ashley's girlfriend, you better get used to seeing my face, because you're not getting rid of me so easily."

"Lucita, that's enough!" Ashley calmly warned standing between them. She knelt before Ashley handing her a wad of napkins. "Are you okay?"

Lilly shamefully nodded as she was helped up. The crowd groaned and returned to their lunches. "…I won't bother you to sit with me anymore."

"What are you talking about?" asked Ashley, consoling Lilly as the three stood confronted.

"Isn't it obvious? Little princess here wants to be the only girl in your life. As long as she can keep sabotaging your relationships, you'll always come crawling back to her, and she'll have her dear sister all to herself," Lucita explained.

Ashley shook her head looking at her sister, shirt ruined in ketchup and grease stains. "Lilly tell her that's not true. I know you've had issues with my girlfriends in the past, but you couldn't really be that low."

Lilly picked her tray unable to look either girl in the eye, leaning against the table, complete humiliation running its course. "I'm sorry."

Lucita walked up to Lilly and gave her a compassionate hug. "If you ever try to come between us, I will fucking beat your ass." She withdrew with a smile winking at Lilly.

"Lucita what did you say to her?" Ashley asked, taking two dollars from her pocket.

"Just told her next time I won't be so nice."

Ashley handed Lilly the money and wiped her shirt. "Here, get another lunch. This thing between you two is really getting immature. Lilly you know I love you, but I'm not going to chose. Lucita is my girlfriend and I love her, but I couldn't live without my Lilly. Now for my sanity, both of you get over yourselves!"

"I'm sorry sweetie I lost my temper. It really pisses me off sometimes you know. Why does everything have to focus on our relationship? If one of us was a boy, then no one would even give a shit," Lucita said.

"Well we'd still be an interracial couple, always lose a few points for that," Ashley contently reminded.

"Look Ash, I really do want you to be happy. I admit it okay I'm jealous. I always think back to before we were teenagers. We did everything together, it was just me and you, sisters for life, remember that? And then once we started puberty, we started drifting apart. I started liking boys, and you...you started liking girls. It was like I didn't matter to you anymore, you turned into this gothy skirt chaser, and I felt so alone and had no one to turn to anymore," Lilly admitted cleaning most of the ketchup from her shirt.

"Lilly, why didn't you say something? You kept this bottled up for three years, and look at what it's doing to us. But it is as much my fault, I have sort of put girls before you, come here," Ashley said giving Lilly a hug.

"Now that's how sisters are supposed to act. Lilly, I'm not trying to steal your sister away. I didn't just wake up and decide I liked girls. I fell in love with Ashley, I risked so much to be with her, and I take none of it back.

What you have with your sister has nothing to do with me. I'm not asking her to choose either. I want the same thing you want, for Ashley to be happy, it's just I want her to be happy with me as well.

Look if this relationship is ever going to work, the three of us are going to have to get along. I honestly have nothing against you Lilly; I just hate the unnecessary drama you bring," Lucita explained as a shadow cast over her.

"Ladies do we have a problem?" asked the assistant principal.

Ashley held Lucita's hand shaking her head. "No Mr. Hedges, it was all a misunderstanding."

"Yes….it was just a misunderstanding," Lilly softly agreed.

He looked doubtfully at Lilly's melancholy expression. "Are you sure?"

Lucita stepped forward, hand pulled back by Ashley to no avail. "It was my fault. We had some words and she tripped and spilled her tray. Can she get a new one before the line closes?"

"Alright, come with me young lady? Do you have another shirt you can wear?" he asked.

"Yes in my gym locker."

"Okay I'll tell them to wait, go and change, you can't walk around like that," Mr. Hedges warned. "As for you two, please keep personal disputes off school grounds, am I understood?"

"Yes Mr. Hedges," both drearily answered.

He adjusted his tie walking toward the lunch line.

"Lucita, what the hell did you do that for? You could have gotten detention, or even suspended if he thought you fought," Ashley asked walking Lucita back to their table.

"I didn't want Lilly to get in trouble. I don't want to lose you Ashley. I want the three of us to get along, and if I have to lead by example, then that's what I'll do," Lucita promised.

"Aw baby," Ashley stopped and kissed Lucita, stealing a few fries off her tray.

They sat down with a fleeting twenty minutes to enjoy their lunch. Lucita split her cheese steak in half, giving Ashley the larger portion as always.

"Oh I almost forgot, my mom's working over, so want to spend the night?" Ashley asked greedily stuffing her mouth with fries.

"Ugh, don't talk with your mouth full; I don't want to see your lunch!"

Ashley quickly chewed it and swallowed. "So are you coming over tonight?"

"I don't know, will it be okay with Lilly? You know she's not too thrilled with my frequent visits," Lucita hinted.

Ashley poured the cup of ketchup across the cheese steak. "Look, as much as I'm willing give up for the sake of my sister, I'll be damned if she keeps me from getting pussy." Ashley took a large bite of the cheese steak, stuffing in a few fries in sheer greed.

"You know you don't have to be so blunt, you can just say sex," Lucita blushed taking a bite of her cheese steak. She felt a tapping on her shoulder.

"Um, can I sit with you guys?" asked Lilly.

Lucita looked up seeing Lilly in a semi wrinkled red tee. "You've always been welcome to sit here, anyone is, but it's always just us queers."

Ashley blinked in disbelief. "No way, we got a straight girl sitting with us!"

"Ew, chew your food," Lilly groaned seeing the mesh of moistened bread and cheese in Ashley's mouth. She took a seat next to Lucita, fresh tray with steaming fries and cheese steak.

"No fair yours are still hot!" Ashley gasped, reaching over and stealing a few.

Lucita wiped her mouth and took a sip of her juice turning to Ashley.

"You always eat so proper, even on our dates. You make me feel like such a slob," Ashley pouted.

"You eat like a fucking pig!" Lucita corrected.

Lilly laughed nearly spitting up her milk, "I have to agree, your table etiquette could use some work."

"Oh so now you two are like best friends, and ganging up on me."

"Lucita's right Ash, and not just about the pig thing, but about us needing to get along. There's no real reason why we shouldn't be friends. And you are really pretty too," Lilly admitted.

"Are you hitting on me?" Lucita blushed.

"Lilly!" Ashley yelled, bits of fries flying across the table.

"Oh that's just gross," Lucita spat feeling a chunk of fry hit her lip.

"That might have come out wrong. I just meant you're a really pretty girl, actually the prettiest girl Ashley has ever dated," Lilly corrected.

"What can I say us Latinas got it going on," Lucita laughed blowing a kiss to Ashley.

"Yeah and you all have nice asses too," added Ashley.

"Pervert I swear," Lilly took her cheese steak in measured bites.

"Why are you eating it like that?" Lucita asked.

Ashley finished her half licking ketchup off her fingers. "Blondie here thinks eating slower won't make her gain weight."

"You know you're blonde too, and it is better if you eat slower, rather than gorge yourself like a homeless man in a buffet," Lilly shot back.

Lucita ate a few more fries looking Lilly over. "You shouldn't stress so much Lilly; you have a very beautiful body, especially naked. I have to admit I'm a little jealous of your breasts. In compassion I have little use for a bra. You're not fat or anything, but you do have sexy shape, and a nice butt for a white girl, it's got a little padding on it, feels nice in my hands."

"Are you peeping on me, how do you even know what my butt and breasts look….yeah that's right," Lilly blushed remembering Lucita had seen Ashley naked dozens of times.

"Sorry sis, Lucita knows every inch of your body, quite thoroughly," Ashley casually admitted.

"You know it's funny, I never believed Ashley when she said she was a natural blonde. Her hair has been every exotic color imaginable, and it wasn't until the first time I saw her naked, I saw she really was a blonde," Lucita revealed as she was pelted with a fry.

"Lucita! That's embarrassing," Ashley whined.

Lilly nervously looked at her tray quietly finishing her lunch. In the midst of their developing friendship, she felt completely defenseless against Lucita. Only a few moments prior, Lilly stood on the offense emotionally dissecting Lucita.

On one misjudged statement it completely faltered. She was on the near receiving end of a black eye or worse. Lilly did enjoy her life and the joys she created within. It was with Ashley the true joy in life stemmed, the joy of not only a sister but a twin.

They were supposed to be inseparable and grow old together. At least in Lilly's mind was that their fate. She knew one day their road would split, she just never imagined it so soon. Lilly felt Ashley's lesbianism was the initial rift in their union.

"Hey Lilly? Are you even listening? So do you want to come or what?" Ashley impatiently asked.

Lilly wiped her mouth meeting Ashley's passive blue eyes, hidden behind mascara and eye shadow. "Sorry what were you saying?"

Lucita rubbed Lilly's shoulder pulling her into a small hug. "You're really shaken up over what happened. Come on let's just forget all of that happened okay? I promise I won't try to fight you anymore."

"But you were right; I had no business sticking my nose in your relationship. I can't stop you from dating Ashley, and this is something I'll have to accept," Lilly said seeing that faint smile on Ashley's lips.

"Well you obviously have some pent up issues about me being gay. You don't have to be afraid to talk to me about it. We're supposed to talk about this stuff you know, or else, well you saw almost happened with you and Lucita. And just so both of you know, that's not going to happen again. So while you were staring so lovingly at your tray, Lucita and I were talking about our weekend plans. We're going salsa dancing, want to come?" Ashley offered.

"Wait, YOU can to salsa?" Lilly doubtfully asked.

"Of course she can, do think the only place we grind is in bed?" Lucita joked.

"Well I--"

"Don't even go there!" Ashley warned.

"Calm down, it's no secret we we're 'active'. But like Ashley told me in our first conversation, don't knock it till you've tried it, and I have no intention of knocking," Lucita teased.

"I'm not having sex until my wedding night," Lilly reaffirmed.

Lucita nodded patting Lilly's knee. "I used to sing that same song. You don't know how many times I could have had sex, but I promised myself I would wait."

"But you didn't, you sleep with my sister nearly twice a week. How the hell do you lose your virginity to a girl anyway, I mean like what do you do during sex?" Lilly boldly asked in her likely only opportunity.

"It's not much different from having sex with a guy I suppose," Ashley figured.

"But you both have the same…equipment. To lose your virginity, you have to physically penetrated, and unless one of you is a hermaphrodite, that's not happening," Lilly argued.

Ashley shook her head at her sister's ignorance. "Lilly I fucked Lucita and I didn't need any stupid cock to do it. I made her scream that night, oh it was wonderful."

Lucita stuffed her mouth with fries seeing Lilly's eyes enlarge.

"You didn't answer my question. How did you…fuck her? Do you use a strap-on?" Lilly excitedly asked.

Lucita sat confounded as Ashley so frivolously dissected their first time.

"Nah don't even own one. I can never forget that day. You really never forget the day of your first time. It's like every detail of that day is engraved into your head. It was a warm day, no school so we went to the beach.

Lucita wore this sexy string bikini, her butt looked beautiful. We played around for a while till it started to drizzle, then we came home and chilled at the pool once the sun came out.

We were just lying there and started making out. And then in that sweet Colombian accent, Lucita said I love you Ashley. We lied there looking at each other, and both realized we were ready.

She led me upstairs to my room and locked the door. Lucita had this most innocent look in her eyes, crawling on my bed wiggling her ass. I tried not to smile but I couldn't help it, she looked so beautiful.

I got out my camera and took one last picture of us before. And then we sat on the bed kissing, but not like we usually do, this was so much softer like our lips barely touched, just our hands caressing our bodies.

We made out hot a heavy a lot of occasions before this. But it never felt the same; she never felt that soft, lips never tasted that sweet. It was like our bodies knew what was happening. I'll admit I was scared too, I mean look at her. She's this exotic South American teen queen lying horny in my bed.

I reached around her back and undid her top, little cappuccino tipped nipples were so hard. I laid next to her taking off my top, I saw the envy in her eyes, and Lucita knows I love her breasts, they're my second favorite part of her.

She just laid there looking so pure, even when I touched her stomach. I felt her fidgeting when my lips touched her bellybutton. She whispered my name with each kiss, all the way down to her bikini bottom.

I felt her finally starting to relax as I got closer. There I laid between her legs staring at that little dark spot in her bikini bottom. It slowly grew larger, darker, carrying that sexy aroma.

My hands slid in her waistband, slowly pulling down her bikini bottom. That was the first time I have ever seen a shaved p--"

Lucita's hand was clamped across Ashley's mouth. "Ashley that's enough! How could you talk about our first time like that?" She wept feeling the sanctity of their first time diminish. Lucita treasured every moment with Ashley, and losing her virginity was the pinnacle of their relationship, it solidified Ashley as Lucita's soul mate.

She made that choice to give herself to Ashley, and it was to be their moment. "I may joke about our sex life with people, but that's as far as it is supposed to go. What we do in the bedroom is between you and I!"

"Well not to sound like an asshole, but you kinda expect that from Ashley you know. She's not known for her discretion. But I understand now, it's not about being penetrated. Losing your virginity is as emotional as it is physical.

I know my sister loves you to death, believe me she talks about you so damn much at home. But the way she described your emotions, how she was never forceful, and even how you kissed each other, god that's how I want my first time to be," Lilly admitted.

Lucita wiped her eyes and held Ashley's hands across the table. "You know, when you put it like that, I really am lucky to have a girlfriend as wonderful as Ashley. My first time was everything I imagined it would be. It wasn't about the sex. It was the peak of our love for each other. We passed the stage of two girls in love, and become a whole. I lost my virginity that night, and we made love afterward."

"That was deep, never pegged you for the philosophical type," Ashley complimented as they held hands.

"So where does this leave us now?" asked Lilly.

Lucita dabbed her eyes with a napkin. "Well Ashley and I are going dancing this Saturday night, want to come with us?"

"Oh yeah the salsa, Ash you never told me you could salsa?" Lilly grinned remembering her sister's near antisocial persona.

"…Every Tuesday and Thursday night when I go over to Lucita's, actually she's been taking me dancing. Her aunt owns this Spanish dance school, and I sorta signed up, been doing it for three months now. I can salsa and meringue really good," Ashley bashfully admitted.

"Oh she's being modest; Ashley's a natural when it comes to Spanish rhythm. We just started the tango, and she's already keeping up. I keep asking her if she has a little Latina in her, girl can really shake her hips," Lucita added.

"Seriously Ash? But you know this is extremely hypocritical of you. You've always made fun of me for taking ballet and modern dance. And now you go behind my back and do Spanish dancing. It's hard to picture you in a formal setting. All you listen to is rock music, and dress all psycho-depressing. Don't people give you odd stares, with the latex and chains?" Lilly asked in the wealth of newfound information.

Ashley swished a fry between her lips, ketchup dripping across her tray, slowly sucked inward reaching for another. "…I don't wear that stuff when I go dancing,"

Lucita rubbed Ashley's hand in awkwardness. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about Ashley; you always look beautiful when we take the floor." She turned to Lilly in an almost spiteful manner. "Don't let Ashley fool you, she dresses very elegant, she owns at least ten different gowns and shoes.

Come to think of it, with the exception of the dyed hair, when we dance she really does look like your twin. I don't think I'm having that bad of an influence on her, do you?"

"Ok now this is turning into some twilight stuff right here." Lilly looked at Ashley, fire engine red hair, pentagrams painted in her mascara, even the black and silver nail polish, and she elegantly danced to Latin music. "I don't know how you pulled that off Lucita, hey does mom know you dance?" Lilly mockingly asked.

"NO and she's not going to know. I'd die if she found out, then she'd probably overreact and sign me up for ballet or something. You know how mom gets!" Ashley reminded.

"Sounds like my mother," Lucita shrugged.

"Yeah but your mother wasn't former Ms. Ohio, so she feels glamour is in our blood…one way or the other," Lilly assured.

"My mom is pretty so I'm content with that. I haven't even told you the real kicker," Lucita grinned.

Ashley's expression weakened nervously wadding her fries in ketchup. "Lucita…don't. She'll never let me live this down."

"Will you stop, there's nothing wrong with that. And besides if you can embarrass me talking about our first time, then I'm sure as hell getting you back. Lilly, your sister ASKED ME to teach her to dance to hip-hop. She wants to go to the clubs with me and not look like a fool," Lucita proudly revealed.

"Holy….Shit, now this is something mom HAS to hear. I'm sorry but I have to tell mom, she'll be so proud of her little goth baby, and making new friends on the dance floor too," Lilly laughed playfully batting her eyelashes.

"You say one word to mom and you are so dead!" Ashley warned.

"She'll find out anyway, come on Ash what's the big deal. Oh no, you're conforming to society's evil ways, who cares. You're gonna grow out of this whole Satan rocks faze soon enough," Lilly argued.

"I think it's cute, I'm Christian and all, but there's something so sexy about the dark side. I'll admit I like some of that rock music, and the whole leather and latex is kinky," Lucita admitted, presenting Ashley's immoral fingernails.

"It's not a faze and it's none of mom's business. Dancing makes me happy, and its something that Lucita and I can do together. It's fun and, sure I have to make certain sacrifices, but taking my girl on the floor is one of the greatest rushes, especially when we get to rub real close in the fast dances," Ashley bragged.

"Speaking of which, your mom won't be home tonight huh?" Lucita hinted.

"Unfortunately not, oh what will I do to pass the time?" Ashley airily asked.

"Oh get a room," Lilly groaned.

"We will, it's across from yours," Ashley answered giving Lucita's hand a kiss.

The bell rang and the cafeteria slowly emptied. All the girls stood up walking toward the garbage can.

"You know I really learned a lot about myself today, and I have a new respect for gay people," Lilly admitted placing her tray in the window.

"I'm proud of you Lilly; I know its hard having a gay sister. You're doing the right thing being by her side through this. There is no shame in loving someone who is 'different'. You're not so bad when you're not all bitchy," Lucita admitted.

Ashley slipped her arms between Lucita's kissing on her neck. "So sis, why don't you sit at our table then?"

Lilly looked over at the lone table, and then back to the indexed tables in the center. "Why not, it's just a table right?"

"No honey it's the homo table, and if you sit there it means you think in pink," Ashley teased.

Lilly cut her eyes to Lucita playfully laughing. "Come on, people won't really think that about me. They know I'm straight…right?"

Lucita put her arm around Lilly's shoulder drawing her close. "What are you implying sweetheart?" She rubbed Lilly's arm, lips pressing against her ear, exalting breaths conveying the implication.

Ashley stepped before Lilly catching the hint. "…What do you mean?"

"Come guys, can't we just forget about it?" Lilly shivered in the warm breaths against her ear. "Ashley, make her stop…come on this isn't funny."

Ashley nodded and slid around her bag; she reached into the pocket taking out a handful of large buttons. "It's easy to say you support us, but if you're really my sister, then this isn't even an issue." Ashley closed Lilly's hand around the button with a kiss, and stepped away.

Lucita parted her lips licking the Lilly's inner ear, lips closed to a kiss on her lobe. "What will your friends think if you keep sitting with us?"

Ashley stepped around Lilly seeing her obvious discomfort. "Is this really that bad? Come on doesn't it get you even a little hot?"

"I'm not like you I don't like girls." Lilly's fingers stiffened balling into fists as Lucita came ever so close.

"Then just say it, say what's really on your mind sis," Ashley calmly asked.

"What's the matter? Are you afraid of what your friends will think? Imagine how they laugh behind your back, make all those twincest jokes, and why not, Ashley's gay, why wouldn't you be? Haven't you ever fantasized about eating pussy, eating mine, fucking me?" Lucita luridly whispered, hands roaming across Lilly's spine.

"Stop it I'm not fucking queer, they know I'm not like that!" Lilly screamed, eyes expanding in the realization of her outburst. "I--"Her head was tilted, lips engrossed in the softest Colombian lips.

Lucita held Lilly as they kissed in a passion so familiar, yet at the touch of their lips, she felt no desire for this girl. Looking into identical eyes of her girlfriend, tasting the identical lips, feeling the identical tongue, breaths against her face, and Lucita only giggled releasing the disdained Lilly.

Ashley shook her head at her sister's true nature. "I'm so disappointed in you; I thought you understood me, really cared about what I go through. Now I see where your loyalties lie."

"Oh don't give me that loyalties shit! You know damn well I'm always on your side no matter what. Stop making me out to be such a homophobe. It's not fair!" Lilly balled her fist till the button pin pricked her palm. "Ow," she opened her trembling palm inspecting the pin. It was a crayon drawing of two girls holding hands, behind them a multicolored flag, beneath the caption, 'We are everywhere'.

Lucita kissed Lilly on the cheek unlatching herself, "I guess straight girls can slip tongue after all. You're a good sister but a shitty human being."

Ashley shook her head drawing Luicita her side, "Baby listen to me, don't say that about my sister. Like I said, this tension between you and Lilly ends NOW!"

"I can't say I'm delighted you've come to my aide. You were just accusing me homophobia, or was that gay bashing?" Lilly reminded with crossed arms.

Lucita nodded and sauntered over to Lilly. She looked over at Ashley, for the first time seeing a flicker of despair in those passive blue eyes, "Please come dancing with us this Saturday." Lucita stared at the dot of blood in Lilly's palm, "…Please."

"No need to choke on your pride, it'll take a lot more than that verbal diarrhea for Ash to leave you. But I do appreciate the offer, and of course I'll go. I'd never pass up the chance to see my twin look like…my twin," Lilly grinned.

Ashley rolled her eyes and slipped her fingers in Lucita's, "I swear tell mom and you are DEAD!"

"And you love me anyway," Lilly giggled with a flick of her blonde ruffles.

"Ugh, I swear we can't be related sometimes," Ashley grumbled at her sister's infectious charm.

"You're more alike than you think," Lucita said.

"That's what our mom says," Ashley agreed.

"Maybe she's onto something," Lilly paused, "We're both awesome dancers…"

"Oh forget it, I'm done!" Ashley grabbed Lucia and stormed off.

Lilly pulled Ashley in her tightest embrace, "I love you Ash." Lilly affixed the pin to her shirt and beamed, "I'll sit with you if you want me to."

"That's all I ever wanted." Ashley smiled and left with Luicita.

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