I'm insecure
That's the easiest way to put it
Although I'd prefer to suck it up and tell you everything
Such as how much you mean to me
But I can't
I'm too scared
I know that I've got no chance to be with youSo I torture myself relentlessly
You're just a tad bit out of my reach
and I still hope that I can try hard enough to get you to come around
You're perfect.
Everything about you is.
The way you sound
The way you walk
The way you laugh
It all makes me the happiest man on earth
But I can't tell you that
I'm too scared.
I want to serenade you with a song
Straight from my heart
Because that's what speaks to me when I think about you
My heart
As lame as it sounds that' where all this romanticism comes from
Within? Yes.
I know that there is something there
but I don't know to what extent it happens to exist