When you need a friend, I mean really need a friend God sends one. He sent one when I most needed one but where I least expected to find one; at the dollar store.

I still remember the day when I prayed to God I would find a friend whose shoulder I could cry all my past pain to. That whole week I was going through losing my long time best friend. Timira made me feel insecure and like she was screening all my thoughts and when she broke my point she broke it. At first I cried like I had lost my true love. Then I remembered if it was a true friendship all the hate wouldn't be lingering in the air like somebody's body odor.

Nothing is forever though and that is why I prayed for a new friend. Not a friend with a lot of money or an older sister with a car but a friend who would listen to me complain and laugh along with me.

The day after I prayed I started my job at the dollar store down the street from me. I wanted the job to get a little change to move around in my pockets. I also wanted a few of their items that looked like department store quality for FREE. After a couple weeks though I learned that I didn't get free items or long breaks and that the extra change in my pocket came with the hard work I put into my job.

If it hadn't been for Ashanti the girl who showed me the ropes and provided me with my daily dose of humor I wouldn't have made it. At first I thought of Ashanti as a loud mouth boss. As the summer days passed and the work days grew longer I realized she did listen to what I had to say. In the back of my mind I had wished God would just send me a twin of Timira that I could start over with. Instead he sent me one of his best angels.