You don't have to be Jewish in order to know about the Holocaust. I remember this past summer at camp there was this Jewish girl who made everyone know what religion she practiced. There is nothing wrong with that but what upset me was she had this headstrong attitude that if you are not a Jew you don't know about the Holocaust. She was wrong though.

Not only do they teach about the Holocaust in some schools but also certain individuals (such as me) who don't necessarily practice Judaism might go out of their way to research the holocaust. For example I went out and read "Number the Stars" By: Lois Lowry. Samantha if your reading this essay I hope you know just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean I don't know about the Holocaust and respect all the Jews involved in that tragic time period because I do.

In closing I would like to say nothing is wrong with learning about a different background's history. Just because you're not African American you can still learn about African American history. And just because you're not Jewish you can still learn about Hitler, the Holocaust, and its victims.

A/N: Jews weren't the only people persuceted by Hitler...