A step of the subway,

a step on the street.

We don't realize it,

but life's a treat.

No one thinks blessings,

they only think pain.

They think they're alone,

alone in the rain.

It's hard to believe,

it's hard to face

that someone is like us,

in the same situation and place.

So take a moment,

open your eyes.

Look around you,

at all that passes by.

There's so much

to be happy for.

Your family, health,

home, and more.

It's hard to face

that we're not out of place.

We're just another kid

with a life to be rid.

Open your eyes,

don't listen to your lies.

Open you heart,

make a new start.

Be grateful for life

Be grateful to be free.

Be happy to be you.

Be happy to be.