A/N: Okay, so everyone, as you can probably tell, I'm back! Yay! I missed everyone so much! So, yes, about my poems, I hope you enjoy these new one's of mine as much as it seems you enjoyed my old ones. I give a nice big welcome to any new victims (haha, just joking) who have stumbled upon my work. But, I also welcome back all of my old buddies. So, here it is- the first of my new poems. Enjoy and please R&R!

Love always and forever,


Porcelain Faces

Glossy porcelain faces
Lips of crimson red
Shiny raven curls
Cast upon her head

Cheeks of rosy flush
Eyes of emerald green
Her far-off distant stare
Hides all that she's seen

Sitting on a shelf
In the corner of a room
Forgetting all she's worth,
Her joy ended too soon

Used to being loved,
Now lost inside herself
Consumed by loneliness
In the dark room, on her shelf

Immobilized and broken
By the things she'll never see
"I look for something more,
But all I find is me."

A sky of morbid grey
A destiny of doom
Trapped forever here
In this prison of a room

Lock up tight her heart
And throw away the key
Painted smile's on the outside
For everyone to see

Her memories grow weak
Dust burns her nose and eyes
If you think this doll's not real,
You're in for a surprise

If you focus very closely
And look so very near,
Under her dark green eyes
Slowly falls a single tear

A symbol of her feelings
The tear lands upon her dress
And stains the onyx silk,
Binding her lonliness.