My Dying Pride and Your Dying Lies

Drown me in the same old stuff
These cliche's are filled with spite
To decipher every antidote
I'd be here all night

This bland poison burns my throat
This arsenics getting dull
To kill, to cry, to slit my wrists
Or live life to the full

I bleed, I choke, I cough up blood
This game is almost done
I play against my destiny
And it has almost won

In and out I always fade
Playing russian roulette with my life
Avoiding the bullet, but hearing the click
And narrowly missing the knife

Paper faces and sequenced gowns,
My masquerade plays on
Such pretty lies we hide in vain
yet, to them we are drawn

Tick tock, tick tock
The final seconds chime
A breath, a gasp, a cry of pain,
And I've run out of time

A/N: Constructive critism appreciated! ;P