Sunday, November 12,2006

Life continues though,

Sometimes I wish it not

Yet on she cycles; making

Yet another endless loop

Of day and night

Competing with time as

It seems I do

I wait, and hope

To know what to do from here

This earth holds no music

Nor rhyme for anymore

For me

This earth is dead to me

How could it have been

So bright, so high, so short

A time ago?

I do not understand

Sometimes tears fall, sometimes

I wonder why I go on but

I always do, without


How can I find a way

In all this night?

Night, so beautiful and dark

She haunts me

With a frightening

Maliciousness, a lust for blood

For lust within itself

Has been brought

To me

Yet, I cannot turn it away

Cannot ignore it


Is this what separates me

From the one who supposedly

Loves me?

I seem to walk alone

Where are all the people

On this wide and crooked path?

Why do I seem to be the

Only one stumbling and