She walks


Padding her way

Across the still


The massive

Nigrescent, feathered

Wings sprouting

From her back

Sky clad

On the motionless waters

Human in appearance,

But for her charcoal wings

And white eyes

Forest lines the water,

Land and wood,

Tree and plant,

Soil and animals

But the female

Walks on,

Ignoring them all

Only creating

A small ring of

Ripples around

Her small


As the moon

Rises, the

Water takes

On an iridescent


The female

Takes on a more

Ethereal appearance

Silver moonlight

Caressing ivory-like skin,

Ebony wings,

Violent red tresses

At the waterfall,

She stops

Finally, she

Spreads her obsidian wings

And flies for the heavens

Leaving not

A ripple behind

Once gone,

The earth

Seems to breathe

Once more

The ripples resurface

And seem to hold


As if in memory

Of the winged female