This is not a test

Her pink flame eyes scan the room
I can hear her music, loud through her headphones
I wonder if she even knows the lyrics
Because they're about killing everyone she's trying to be
If she didn't carry around her fake ID, she would have long ago forgotten who she is
And I want to
Hate her
But that's hard, while I'm trying to save her

And there's no
In her eyes, even though I've seen her so many times before
Because undiscovered stars don't have time
For plot devices
(if the letters on the walls could decide who you would be, I'd be afraid of this cynical romanticism)

I might be too far gone, but I'll make it
If I've got to be lost to get out I can fake it
There's a reason I'm an actor
It's the only thing I can ever do right

All the radio waves can't wait to do as she says
After all, they can't control the trends
She can't remember
The names or numbers of all the substances she is abusing
In the dreamscape between confused and confusing

Paranoia's her excuse but she swallows what they give her
If she gets sick they're the same ones who will cure her
If she's cured she'll pay to get sick again
Popularity is infectious

The stars in her eyes are part of a disguise
But the tabloids have hurt us all worse
I used to think I loved her
I used to think I could change her
But her reality is too far away to reach with only a speech on a crumpled piece of paper
She wants something official
Like an internet quiz
Or a soap opera script

I don't want to be in her movie
Just as well, the role's been recast
She laughs at me and changes her stage name again
As well as her theme song, speech patterns, and lost causes

motion sickness!

Hey, replacement!
You also only have one life
This is your last chance
This is not a test.