The Mad Knitters

"Hey, who took my yarn?! I just finished making it from the llama farm!"

The group of teenagers stared at her, their needles frozen. One blinked at her.

"That's just pathetic, Kathy. So what if you don't know where the normal yarn has been? It's not like they dye brown yarn with pig waste–" Connie halted and the other girls groaned. "I just put more ideas into your head, didn't I?"

"Oh, my god! What if red yarn is dyed with blood?! Dog blood . . . ?" Kathy was a person who liked organic foods and clothes that she knew weren't produced by child labor. She hated artificial things and global warming – she also hated yarn bought in stores that could have been made from the wool of abused sheep.

Connie was a person who acted before thinking, as just demonstrated. She was also a drama and gossip queen, and took advantage of opportunities.

"Maybe, when Butchy dies, his body won't go to waste," Connie grinned. Butchy was Kathy's dog, and a very sensitive topic.

"Hey!" Lost yarn temporarily forgotten.

"Now, now, stop acting like children. Kathy, we'll help you look for your yarn," Katie said. She was the nice, usually calm one. She was a peace-lover and tended to believe in people's good sides. To the frustration of others, she also stood up for everybody, even when they were obviously wrong.

"I think I'll just stay here with my newly bought glow-in-the-dark needles and give you moral support. From my nicely padded chair," said Sydney, back to knitting. A bit more materialistic than the rest, she was also quite competitive. If not the first to finish knitting something, hers was the most elaborate.

Jessica snorted. "Sydney, what's the matter with you?" Jessica was the one with the strongest moral, after Katie. "Why didn't you tell me that you had a padded chair? Scoot!" She was also sometimes a hypocrite.

Rolling their eyes, Kathy and Connie set to work looking for Kathy's yarn. Katie glanced at Sydney and Jessica slightly disapprovingly and got up too.


About ten minutes later, Kathy spotted a grayish spot sticking out from under Jessica's half-finished scarf.

"Hey, Jess, pause for a minute, would you?"

Jessica stopped knitting and calming replied, "Yes?"

"Do you have my yarn?"


Kathy lifted the scarf as Connie and Katie looked on.

"Ah ha! Wait," Kathy held up a hand to stop Jessica, "you wanted me to learn a lesson in becoming OCD about llama yarn, correct?"

Everybody, who hadn't even realized that they had tensed, sub-consciously anticipating a fight, relaxed.

"Yeah." Jessica smiled.

note: hello! i know i should be updating VotF, but don't worry! chap 5 was done long ago, i just didn't feel like typing it up and posting it. won't be long now

also, the MK (Mad Knitters) are not these particular girls. if you continuing reading this story, you'll get to see who they really are

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