Many children refer to our environment as "mother earth", a name I feel to be most suitable for something that existed long before ourselves. While we are only patches in a huge quilt, the earth is the bigger picture, the constant. Like a mother, it provides us with clean air to breathe, food to eat, and shows us beauty (which seems a rarity in our corrupted world of today). Yet, like an ungrateful teenager, we, the human population, scorn the mother that provides for us. We poison her, litter her with our man- made garbage, and pollute her air with our waste. So, the game of vengeance begins. In response to our bad behaviour, we are rewarded with a quick hurricane, or a near pandemic. Yet, in our ignorance, many of us still refuse to realize the blatant message that mother earth is trying to deliver, "Enough is enough, if you're going to treat me this way... then, two can tango baby!"

Despite this message, we continue polluting the air, increasing global temperatures, spraying our gardens, and shaping our global community into one giant toxic wasteland. We forget that, it was our mother who gave us our lives, and just like God, she she has the power to take them away. We assume that we are invincible. We get cocky, yes, just a bit. Big business honchos, heads of mighty man- eating corporations stress, "efficiency, competition, profit, profit, profit!!!" But when do they stress an insured global future? When they are told that they must take our environmental issues into consideration, they make a small change, for the sake of reputation (seemingly), not out of any genuine care for our environment.

Well, I say that in that case, it's time for the ungrateful teenager (mankind) to pull out his priority list, and stick a big fat number one beside "environment preservation and protection". Kyoto Protocol is amazing, as are other movements, but I think that we need to go farther than that. Our world requires a priority revolution. Let's bump down "make a load of money" to number two, shall we? Because let's face it, at the rate that we're going, profit- seeking individuals may not even get to see the day when their big bucks transform into yachts and shiny cars... and if they do, they'll see those yachts sailing in grimy green water... and those cars driving under forever grey skies.

Unless, of course, (and what an OUTRAGEOUS idea!) we start showing that mother of ours the respect that she has most definitely earned.