I am yours.

I always have been,

And always will be.

I am yours,

To do with what you want.

I am yours,

I am your friend,

There for you to talk to,

To comfort you,

To brighten your day,

To listen to your problems.

I am yours,

I care for you,

More than anyone else ever will.

I know you,

Always there no matter what,

Through good and bad,

Even when you are distant from me,

I am yours.

Waiting for you eternally.

I am yours

Yours to love,

Yours to hold,

Yours to care for,

If you will just take what is yours,

I would be so happy

I am yours, but are you mine?

I know you are my friend,

of that I am sure

for we are the best of friends.

But could there be more one day?

I know now is not the time,

But that does not mean,

You can not be mine.

Are you mine?

Mine to hold?

Mine to love?

Mine to care for?

I wish you were,

But in the deepest corners of my heart,

I know you are not.