From the bottom of my heart

I can see the smiling faces of everyone
on the street and in the crowd.
Even though you're not here,
I can feel myself smiling too.

Is this the sadness of parting ways?
Could it be the joy of memories shared...
No matter what, I'm happy for you,
time has touched us both.

Sometimes I feel left behind,
and although you never held a hand-
I didn't despair for small dreams,
your smile alone was enough.

Even when we look off into opposite horizons,
I want to give back your kindness.
Despite the different directions,
I can say goodbye without tears.

This is the bittersweet of separate worlds,
the preciousness of memories dear.
From the bottom of my heart,
I'll always be happy for you.

Time has touched us both.

December 22, 2006