"Live in the moment," such words were like the soothing melody of a siren. Yet, filled with premonition and fear, a fragile heart can't possibly believe them. (Yes, I'm not strong enough to take the damage).

The snow started coming down harder and harder, covering the barren world with white fragments of a dream.

Whose dream…?

They were always saying "don't look back, don't ever look back." No, it was simply a song on the radio.

Those who couldn't choose, they were walking the path undeterred by anything, reaching for everything. But we can't have everything can we? The storm passes by, unfazed. There is no fairness in the world. The burning in my heart dampens. If only I could leave it behind.

And then the melodious voice was singing, "Where is my love, the one for me?"

Would it be possible to live a life without complication, if anything was simple, I want this to be the one.

I want you to prove me wrong.

Did you find what I left behind?