What is up with "written by a friend" pieces on FictionPress? Those stories beat the mess out of me. If your friend has a story why don't you just tell them about FictionPress instead of posting it on your page in order to get more hits.

There is a rule that says only post your own (Keyword: OWN) work on your page. Everyday I see atleast 5 pieces that say somewhere on them "written by a friend" or "my friend wrote this".

Posting your friend's work is the same as posting Langston Hughes work (atleast in my eyes). Nobody knows your friend on here therefore your friend doesn't get proper credit for there piece. Plus what happens when your friend stops being your friend? What are you going to write "written by an enemy"?

Well let me stop blabbering on and on about nonsense.I just wanted all of FictionPress to know that "Written by a friend" pieces are annoying,against the rules, and one of my big Pet Peeves on here.