Never Forever


Never again

Will I

Walk through that door

But I can't escape

The fate

Questions plague my mind

Every time


I'll chose to be

Who I want to be

I'll try to do right

When I can

I'll never become

What they have become

I'll show them all

What it means

To love and hold your dreams

I'll be the exception

To all the rest

Never again

Never again


Excel yourself

Sell your soul

You're trouble


You're life and hate

Question plague my mind

Every bloody time


I'll never be

What they claim to be

I'll never know

What they all seem to know

I'll never understand

How they can smile again

I'll never pretend

It never happened

I'll never be able

To console their grief

With fake beliefs

Never forever

Never forever


Never in all my life

Will I resort to that

I will never understand

The will of gods hand

These questions plague my mind

The answers I'll never find