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The Reality Of Perfection: Oneshot

David Hitter adjusted his green and gold tie as he locked up his office up to leave for the long weekend ahead of him. He tried to keep a tight shift running at the advertisement company he worked at, but nothing seemed to be going right today. The idea of returning home to his wife sounded great at the moment, but before continuing on to see her, he intended on making a very important stop. He lugged his black leather suitcase into the car and took one deep breath of fresh air before getting in the red jaguar himself.

Quickly he fumbled with his keys and started up to engine. It roared and he sighed, feeling relaxed for the first time today. Not only had he been preoccupied with work, but David was busy with last minute arrangements for his first ever anniversary with Bridget, his beloved wife. David ran a hand through his long brown hair as he turned the corner down the street, not wanting to make a visit to a certain someone.

Meanwhile, Bridget Hitter had been busy herself preparing for tonight. She had just showered and began to slip on the black and red-laced dress she had bought special for this evening. Along with a pair of fiery black stilettos, the outfit was complete. Bridget headed toward the bathroom and began to comb out her knotted blonde hair.

She sat there for what seemed like minutes, playing with her earrings and bangs. She had never been so nervous in her entire life, but tonight was a first for everything. Bridget usually wasn't a tense person. In fact, she couldn't even remember the last time she had been scared about anything. Excitement and edge was her normal feeling; although she was nowhere close to a peppy person. Bridget was somewhat mysterious yet respected by everyone she knew.

Bridget headed down to the kitchen after her hair was straightened to perfection where she began to pack a picnic basket full of goodies for the evening's dinner. "What else do I need?" She said to herself quietly as she placed items in the container at a rapid speed. So far it contained two small steaks, a container of green beans, and a fairly large bottle of old red wine. She smiled and traced the bottle's label with the tips of her fingers. This had been something she was saving for her first anniversary and she couldn't wait to crack it open.

Sounds of the garage opening and doors closing awoke her from daydreaming as her husband walked into the room with flowers and candy. "Hello." He greeted as he threw the black suitcase over and onto the couch.

"Hello yourself." She replied back only to receive a smile from David. Games and cheesy comments like this were very common in the Hitter household due to how new the marriage still was. It was the couple's way to keeping it lively, even though both David and Bridget had more than enough drama and shall we say 'fun' to worry about. Bridget and David were seen as the couple to be around town with their little games too.

David took Bridget's hand in his and pulled her to the car. "I got reservations at the finest restaurant in all of London daring." He started but was quickly cut off by his wife's innocent, sweet voice.

"I don't think so." She showed her husband the wooden basket full of freshly prepared food. "Tonight we are dinning at the finest spot in London." She walked over to the driver's side and got in the red car. "Oh, and I am going to need the keys." She told the very shocked David.

"No, you can't drive!"

"And why ever so not daring?" She mimicked her husband's voice. David didn't like the feeling or the thought of his wife driving the brand new car otherwise known as his second wife.

Speechlessly he managed to get out a "Be-because you're a wo-woman." Obviously this was the wrong thing to say because anger was written all over Bridget's face, but she quickly changed her expression to one that David knew very well, unreadable. There was no signs of sadness or rage in her face yet it scared David to the point where he thought it best to take a step back. "Fine." He crossed his arms in defeat and walked to the other side to the car throwing Bridget the silvery keys before entering.

As he opened the door a new Bridget sat before him. One that was happy and joyful. "Thank you love." And with that she placed a quick peck on his lips and started the engine just as David had done two hours before.

Irritation was starting to get the best of the twenty-five year old man, and so just like he was a kid again, David asked the dreaded question. "Are we there yet?"

Bridget couldn't help but laugh. "No we'll get there when we get there." It seemed like she was lost, but David didn't dare speak up, for he didn't want to fight on the special day. They had been driving for at least an hour and the terrain wasn't like anything David had seen before, but as soon as he began to question his environment the car came to a halt.

David warily opened the door, letting in the cool, crisp air. They were high on a beautiful mountain in which showed a view of the below town of London. The place was covered in pines and grass making it look like a picture in a book. "Wow," David mumbled as he looked down at the engaging scene before him.

"You like it?"

"Of course I do." Bridget left the car herself and set up the blankets and dinner while David still surveyed his surroundings. "This is much better than what I planned." He said moving to where his wife was. She pulled out two wine glasses and slowly poured their drinks, careful not to spill in the process. Her breath speed up as she did this and only made David question her nervousness. "Are you okay?"

She glanced up smiling from her progress. "Yes, I'm fine. Why do you ask?" She spoke handing her beloved the filled cup as she took hers.

" I dunno. You seem a bit… distracted that's all." He swished the blood red liquid around before taking a sip. "Where should we start?" He motioned to the large amount of food that was pilled in the straw basket. David quickly took in more wine. All of a sudden, his head began to spin uncontrollably placed the glass down before his hands went to his head.

"What's wrong daring?" Bridget asked smirking at the odd scene her husband was making.

"My head just hurts I guess." He looked at his wife in confusion. "I really didn't have that much to drink either."

Bridget laughed. "No, but it's not how much you drank, it's what you drank." She demonstrated by pouring her still very full glass to the floor where the grass almost immediately turned brown.

"What's going on Bridget?" David's eyes darted to hers.

She remained silent for a moment hoping that he would have more to say. "Com'on think love."

David did as much as possible to prevent the thought from coming out of his mouth but he was unable to hide the idea. "You poisoned me!"

"Now aren't we dense." Bridget lent in towards David's ear. "So how is Lily?" She asked her face as emotionless as ever.

David on the other hand was shocked. "Ho-How do you kn-know about Li-Lily?" David stared into the icy eyes of his wife not out of fear, but because they were the only things he could read on her. Danger ran through them and he knew she had found about the affair for longer than he had hoped.

Six mouths and four days ago he had met a young blonde by the name of Lily Madison at his office. She had been working in advertisement at the time, just like him, so before David had even realized it he had fallen for someone other than his wife. Both Lily and Bridget were complete opposites. Bridget was the mysterious secret keeper who kept him on his toes, while Lily was always happy with a smile that put Bridget's to shame.

David stood up and backed away from his wife as she inched closer on her knees. What ever was in the drink made him sick to his stomach almost to the point where he could barley walk or even stand for that matter. "Trust me, I know a lot more about you than you even do."

David's eyes switched to the ground and he began to panic. His wife really didn't poison him it was all a big joke and I funny one at that. "Ha, Ha. You're hilarious sweetheart."

"Do you remember when you promised me forever?"

"This really isn't that funny anymore." Fear stood out in his shaking voice.

"Do you remember when you said cheat on me you would never?" Bridget was getting closer and closer to the trembling David and he couldn't take it anymore.

"No, Bridget stop acting like a child and calm down. We can handle this like adults." This time Bridget stood and walked as close as possible to her husband.

"When I promised you 'til death do us part…" Bridget gave her husband a harsh quick push and he tumbled down the side of the steep mountain. "I meant it." There was no question about it that David Hitter was dead. Bridget quickly packed up the basket and blanket then headed towards the car. They were supposed to be the perfect couple, no one would ever know, but little did Bridget know she was wrong… dead wrong.

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