Wonderland Boy

You found me in Wonderland
With a broken dream in my hand.
I was only trying to hide
(Or perhaps just to be found?)

Don't cry little Alice, you said,
Or you'll drown us all.

Oh Wonderland Boy,
You condemned me with that
Cold cheshire grin,
And with one quick kiss
I was
Falling, falling, falling…

You told me, I'll love you
For a little while,
Because I know
Even in Wonderland
Forever is a lie.

A gift of flowers with stolen charm
And you told me,
Watch out for thorns,
But I didn't listen and I
Painted the roses red with blood
(White never was my color).

I could smell the venom on your lips
As you told me
Watch out for poison,
But I didn't listen and they screamed
Drink me! Drink me!
And wouldn't you know?
Kissing you is the most fatal of all.

Leading me through the mazes of Wonderland
Hand in hand, you warned me,
Watch out for rabbit holes,
But I didn't listen and I'm
Falling, falling, falling…
You never came to catch me.

I never knew rock bottom could be so perfectly heartbreaking.