Weren't those the times
Spent together, just us
Alone, fighting the world
Single-handedly, as if
Nothing else mattered then?
Wasn't that the sisterly
Love we shared for
Many a year, like
Family didn't matter one
Bit, because we had
Each other for support?
Weren't you the one
I could always turn
To when my world
Was falling to pieces
And the one who
Turned it right
Side up again because
Only you cared then?
Weren't they the times
When we spilled all
Our secrets for the
Other because our trust
Then was so strong?
Wasn't that what made
All those wonderful memories
That I could cling
To when things never
Seemed to go right?
Wasn't that what triggered
Our minds to stray
From our school lessons
And caused my shoebox
To fill up with
While lined paper notes?
Weren't those the memories
That always looked to
Us as picture perfect
That led to hundreds
Upon thousands of snapshots?
Weren't those the days
When we waited through
The summer dog days
Just for that postcard
From your vacation destination
To find out what
You had been up
To at the beach?
Weren't those the nights
We stayed up 'til
3 or 4 AM
Only to get 3
Or 4 hours sleep
After gossiping all night?
Wasn't that all part
Of us growing older
Together, learning to mature
While giving us a
Reason to throw parties?
Wasn't that the point
Of having inside jokes
That no one else
Bothered to understand because
We couldn't stop laughing
Long enough to explain?
Wasn't that all the
Times we spent together
Both good and bad
That we got through
No matter what was
Thrown into our paths
Just because you had
Me and I you?
Weren't those golden silences
Meant for us to
Understand the other and
Help one another to
Get by and strengthen
The bonds between us?
Weren't we able to
Make it through everything,
No matter what was
Thrown at us or
What circumstances that we
Had gotten stuck in?
Wasn't it all the
Smiles we have shared,
Some secretive, others understanding,
Some just in appreciation
Of having you around?
Wasn't it something special
When we couldn't wait
To share our news
And we spent all
Night, tying up the
Phone lines, especially if
There was still some
Homework waiting for us?
Weren't the memories enough
To hold us together
After all these years?
Wasn't it the memories
That acted like glue
For all this time?
What happened to all
Of these things, to
Us, to our friendship?
I know that I
Still have it all.
Do you still too?

Ok, so I just wrote this tonight while trying to expand an almost 3 year old poem that now, im my opinion, is not worthy of being called poetry. Forgive me if it's a little long. (Ok, ok, I'm using 'little' a bit loosely...) Well, since you've read, review please? And if this one stinks, please tell me and I'll show you the old one... Trust me, this one is much better...