Standing in the hallway,
I start to fall backward,
Falling and falling,
Seeming to never stop.

I open my eyes,
Not realizing I had closed them;
The world doesn't look the same anymore,
I ponder where I fell to.

Looking around, I see the empty spaces next to me,
Where bodies had previously been;
I see that I am the only one here,
And the others are gone.

My world has changed to shades of grey
I do not know why I am here.
The walls are these colors
I doubt anyone can see me.

I call out to others who were standing around me before;
They do not answer
I turn away from the hallway.
They've left me behind again.

I accept my defeat;
I will probably be stuck here for awhile.
I relax against the wall.
When I am ready, it will let me leave.

Please note: This was from almost a year ago and since then, my life has taken a turn for the (much) better. Let me know what you think...