The Song

As the clock starts counting down

The moments until the day

My heart starts to pound

And of course my mind then races away

Finally, the day comes

And I'm as ready as can be

But I can't shake this nervous feeling

What is wrong with me?

As I take the stage

With the mic in my hand

I began to sing

With the usual background band

I began to get into the song

And danced more than just a sway

I began to really dance

And rock this great night away

As the song ended

My fears had all dissolved

I enjoyed the song I sang

And the problem that I solved

Despite my fears

I took a stand

I showed my beliefs

Though no one understands

That one song had so much meaning

That I finally expressed

Now no one can say that I'm not happy

Nor ask why I may be depressed

The song that I sang

Was pretty simple indeed

I practically told the world,

"Yeah, so what? This is me."