Hi my name is Mana …shifty eyes…. I made a convenient little schedule to help my day along! ……Its not real….

4:00am: Wake up

4:10-5: Ponder why you wake up so early

5:00 :stare into abyss


6:00 Annoy innocent bystander…

6:30: challenge ninja to battle (cause I am kool like that)

6:31: win

7:00: Find a bunch of random people and stare at them until they feel so awkward the ask you why you are there.

7:03: Ignore question and keep glaring…

8:00am:talk to inadement objects

9:30 Ask self why you talk to objects while repeatedly hitting your hear on a wall

10:45 – 1:45- read Manga

2:00: eat

2:45 : finish every sentence with " for so the prophets fore told." Just to annoy people

3:00 hang out in elevator

3:10-press every button while singing Mary has a little lamb

3:20-make explosion noise every time someone presses a button

3:30-pick up purse , loom inside and say " have enough air in there?"

3:45—wait until complete silence and say " is that you beeper?"

5:00—Stare into abyss…….again

6:00—death wish every one on your: LIST OF DOOM!"

7:00pm—have tea

7:45—kill another assain out to kill you

7:47—Draw self fake eyebrows

8:00—wiggle your non-existing eyebrows

8:45 -- look out window and make sure no one saw you..

9:20—go to bed

9:45- law awake because you just remembered you cant sleep without being possessed by your inner demon.

10:00—Annoy people

11:00 -Go to church

12:00 Annoy more people

12-3 – pretend to sleep