Shannon waited impatiently outside the bathroom, pounding the door every few minutes. If Danii took any longer she would be late for Lit class and she could not afford to be late yet again.

"Danii get out of there! I've been waiting for almost half an hour!" she yelled, kicking the door frustratedly. The door flew open suddenly catching Shannon off guard.

"Fine, I'm done! Happy?" Daniiyelled back, storming out of the bathroom and into her room. Shannon swore under her breath, shutting the bathroom door behind her. In under fifteen minutes, she showered, dried her hair and got dressed. She ran downstairs, relieved to find Danii and Connor ready and waiting.

"Okay, let's go, let's go!" she said, running to the car. When her younger brother and sister were in the car, Shannon slammed the accelerator in hopes of dropping them off at school and still making it to college on time.

By some grand stroke of luck, all 3 of them made it to their classes on time. Shannon ran all the way to the seminar room where Mr Vinod was scheduled to give his lecture on the Romantics.

"Hey you," she whispered, sitting in the empty seat next to her boyfriend, Fabian. He smiled at her and gave her a quick hug. Mr Vinod's lecture was certainly interesting, but Shannon could not really focus with Fabian's hands moving up and down her back, teasingly lingering at her bra clasp. She swatted his hands away several times but by the end of the lecture, her clasp was undone and his hand was under her green sweater, rubbing her bare back.

"Fabe, I wanted to pay attention!" she whined, as they made their way out of the hall.

"Alright, alright, I won't do it again, promise," he smiled, taking her hand.

She smirked, he always said that but he had yet to stop. She made a quick stop at the rest room to rehook her bra, by which time her slight frustration at Fabe had melted away,

Danii spooned more mashed potatoes onto her plate and returned to her spot on the couch. Aliya was sprawled out on the floor, flipping channels til she settled on a rerun of Veronica Mars.

"I've watched this one!" Shannon complained, throwing a cushion at Aliya.

Aliya glared back at her with her fiery green eyes, shutting Shannon up. Danii rolled her own brown eyes at her sisters, content with just eating her potatoes. Yum.

Veronica Mars ended about the same time that Danii finished her potatoes. She dumped her bowl in the sink and went up to her room. She loved her room with its three black and one bright orange wall. It wasn't completely morbid, neither was it completely cheerful. Mom had let each of them choose the colours for their bedrooms. Aliya's room was a dark reddish-brown, Shannon's midnight blue, and Connor couldn't really be bothered so Mom chose a plain beige for him. His walls were completely covered with grafitti and his drawings and what-not now anyway.

Danii lay down on her queen-sized bed, staring at the white ceiling. There was a knock on the door from inside the bathroom that connected her room with Connor's.

"Yes?" she answered. The door opened revealing Connor, with his jet black hair covering his eyes as always, wearing hot pink boxers emblazoned with the words "Pink Is The New Black" that his best friend Tania had given him last week for his birthday. Danii burst out in a fit of giggles but Connor's deadpan expression did not change.

"Miguel is crashing here tonight. I need you to be cool," he said, staring at her. Danii sat up.

"What? Why?"

" Just because. Don't go trying anything, Danii," Connor warned again. Danii grimaced at him.

"Sheesh, chill," she muttered. He gave her one last look before closing the bathroom door and going back to his room.

As soon as the door shut, Danii flung her closet open, changing out of the big tee and shorts she was wearing into something more..attractive.

After all, it was not everyday that Miguel slept over.

"Okay, so you can crash on the floor. You know where the bathroom is," Connor said, clearing space on the floor with his feet.

"Thanks man. I owe you one," Miguel spread out his sleeping bag on the floor. "Nice boxers,C" he said laughing.

Connor smirked,"Tania gave them to me"

"Ah that explains it," Miguel replied with a knowing smile, "You know a girl is trying to tell you something when she starts buying you underwear"

Connor pretended to laugh.. "Don't you start, Mig."

"Yeah, yeah." Miguel took his toothbrush out of his backpack and made his way to the bathroom. He could hear Danii moving around in her room. He looked at himself in the mirror, making sure his mini 'fro wasn't too crazy. He checked that the door leading to Connor's room was locked before he slowly pushed the door to Danii's room open.

She was lying on her bed, her own long honey-blonde curls and the white spaghetti-strap and white shorts she was wearing standing out against the black of her sheets. She sat up when she saw him there.

"Hey," she smiled. He smiled back, sitting down next to her. "Connor doesn't know you're in here does he?"

He shook his head, "No, we don't have much time." He tilted her chin up and kissed her gently, slowly taking her top off at the same time.

Aliya double-checked that all the doors were locked before heading upstairs. Her parents were away for the week and she was in charge of the house and her siblings til they came back. Music was blaring from both Connor and Danii's rooms and as she headed to her own room, she heard music blaring from Shannon's room as well. She seriously needed to get them all mp3 players.

She checked that the bathroom she shared with Shannon was empty before she stripped and had a hot shower – one she needed badly. She had been working since 6 that morning and she was exhausted. Aliya smiled to herself as she shampooed her newly-cut hair. Her sisters had freaked out when they saw her once long black hair reduced to a sleek bob but Aliya loved it. It was much easier to manage, plus she thought she it looked great.

As she towel \-dried her hair minutes later, she remembered that Danii had taken her leave-in conditioner as always.

"Urgh, nothing ever stays in my room in this house,"she grumbled to herself as she walked down the corridor to Danii's room. Pushing the door open she yelled, "Danii you did not return my conditioner again!"

But she didn't get to finish her sentence. Her 15-year-old sister was half-naked with Connor's also half-naked friend on top of her. Aliya felt sick. And it wasn't long before Danii felt that way too.