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My friends and I we have an unspoken pact. Or at least had one. A pact to either laugh at a new kid or ignore them completely. The whole reason we started the pact was because against the odds three girls all moved to the same school in the middle of the year on the same day. Those three girls were me, Taylor, and Ashanti.

At one point in time having one of them mad at me would break me into pieces but as the clocked moved on we switched leadership roles. Ashanti was the one who brought us all together got us to talk on our first day in a big middle school. After Ashanti's parents' got divorced I, Charisma-Ariel became in charge. The thing about us that I love is that so much of our friendship is unspoken.

Out of the three of us I never would have thought I would have broken the pact first. I thought it would have been loud and bold Ashanti or shy but determined Taylor. Instead it was me. I pray God chose me to be the one who broke the pact because if he didn't I lost my friends to my own stupidity.

I hadn't meant to talk to Kierra I just opened my mouth and started telling her the school wasn't as bad as it looked and we looked at each other's schedules. We both had the same classes except I was in Art for my second to last class and she was in Health. I hadn't realized until the end of the day that me saying "Hey! My name is Charisma-Ariel and girl if you don't stop crying!" could cause my so-called best friends to turn their noses up at me.

Maybe this is the first school that Taylor and Ashanti have come to in the middle of the year but, I've done it so many times that I know how much a friend means…

o o o

"Yeah" I said agreeing with Kierra laughing. We were in the middle of a conversation about how Vanilla pudding tasted better cold.

How ironic that we were talking about things being better cold just as Taylor and Ashanti give me the coldest look. I almost froze and my laughter went to a halt. At that moment the hallway which seconds ago was buzzing with loud noise fell silent.

In order to keep up my reputation of not taking smack from anybody I said "Ewww!" real loud not squeaky but in a stern don't-mess-with-me voice. It worked too because Taylor and Ashanti walked off not saying anything. I know if I hadn't said "Ewww!" first they would have said it and I felt I had a need to protect Kierra from my friendship problems...