"I'm sorry" said Kierra softly. So soft that I didn't hear her again until a few minutes later when she repeated it again.

"Why you sorry?" I asked completly clueless

"because it is obvious your losing friends because of me"

"oh" I said almost unable to choke out the answer. She had caught me by suprise I thought I was protecting her from all my drama but in reality I was trying to blindfold myself.

o o o

Taylor and Ashanti still aren't talking to me and it kind of hurts. To think that two people are your friends is to think they have your back and will be there even when you do something dumb. It sure wasn't dumb to talk to Kierra but it was dumb to break a promise. A promise that floated lightly throughout our whole friendship.

I guess a little part of me thought that for once I had found two friends to very nice friends who would be there with me through everything...