Min's Corner

Friends are valuable things.

Don't lose them because if you do

They might not be smart enough to come back.

singingducky---- Journal 121:

I finally got a hold of Min today, this girl I went to camp with these past few summers. She's really nice, unlike the rest of the world. To everyone outside of the private school realm, I'm a freak. Well, not anymore. Two words: public education. Where innocence is thrown out the window and sex is merely a sport. Actually, sex is only a sport if you make it that way. Otherwise it's just an action that follows making-out. Very logistical. There is only you to blame if you get pregnant, unless you're raped of course. Then again if you think like my grandma, it's still your fault anyway because she believes that some girls are just waiting to be raped. She thinks everyone raped is typically a slut prior to being raped, you know short shorts and cleavage to the max.

This is the grandma who also swears she's not racists, but looks down on anyone who is not A) White, B) Straight, or C) From the South. That whole confederacy thing is in her genes I guess, which I find incredibly odd. My grandfather was Mexican and then her new husband, the one that has lasted longer than four years unlike the rest of them, is from some country in Asia. It's also weird how she "just knew" my parents were going to get divorced.

I read somewhere in a book that kids with divorced parents are more likely to get divorced themselves later on in life. What a great future I have lying ahead of me, no? That's just another reason for me to give up on this whole obsessing over love thing. I have never been in love, but I'm just about as fascinated with it as I am with World War II. Everyone asks me why I actually enjoy learning about Hitler and how he murdered six million Jews. I just turn around and ask them, why does anyone actually enjoy falling in love? I get alot of "Well, I don't know." or "Because it's the greatest thing there is." Yeah right. You get hurt just the same, people have killed themselves over love just like Hitler killed himself. Have you not heard of Romeo and Juliet?

I bet they would've divorced after only a year. It would've given them enough time to figure out who snores and just how annoying they are in the morning. If they had lived, it just wouldn't have been Shakespeare now would it? He might have actually had to write in some obnoxious habits. No, the characters had to be star-crossed lovers in the mix of a horrible family dispute. Plus, the girl just had to be pretty.

How come only pretty girls get to lead interesting lives? What was Cinderella? This beautiful servant girl who met a prince and married him the next day. Snow White had lips as red as rose and translucent skin. She ate a poisoned apple like the idiot she was, but kissed her prince in the end anyways. Then, of course, they all lived happily ever after.

That is complete bogus. I want to know what really happened to them. How many kids they had? How long did it take for their Prince Charmings to have an affair? There is no such thing as happily ever after among the beautiful marrying the beautiful, there's only lust in that. What about when your seventy, fat, and ugly? It's too late for a divorce now, Buddy. You're trapped!

I can't believe I even thought I was in love with Seb. I told you, that obsession with love thing does not work for me. I get all these ideas in my head from movies and books, mainly books, and start believing that fairytales really do come true. Well, they don't. I didn't realize that until Seb came along, I became temporarily insane, and went home in the end crying because I was too afraid to tell him how I felt. That was a pointless mess that will never happen again. I've already made a pact with myself. This time I'm keeping to it.




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