Obsidian Swans Ode

A shimmer of his face – mirrors into this soul;
Ripples of iniquity take a slow subtle toll;
Passion grows weary and time becomes bleak;
His fortitude reaches its peak;

Guided so sweetly into loving scent;
Taken abruptly a heaven sent;
Writhing in grief no one can see;
No God or angel can hear his plea;

On his knees with wings outstretched;
Crying tears of blood that can't be quenched;
Protesting the sky, "'to be loved' all there is to know"
He sees only the suns red effervescent glow;

By day – bound and divided amongst the flock;
Quickly preening the life lost in times clock;
By night – a lucid beast revealed as a philosopher;
Dawn beckons the day as his mind awakens gossamer;

A flighty feathered female finds her way in;
Grabbing hold that which makes them akin;
Through toils and trials they travail;
Elated emotions will only impale;

A cordial caress upon the neck;
A gentle grope upon the wing;
A lovely lick upon the cheek;
He is hers;

Insanity reigns over a delicate decision;
Slipping, dipping, drowning with conscience precision;
Lust over love, a despicable transition;
He had to give her up for a righteous rendition;

Feathers are ruffled but moments are stopped;
An eternity to germinate that which was lopped;
Solitude numbs the tendon that tenses;
Sadness ensnares and cripples the senses;

Exasperate the tormentors and quicken the pace;
Life n' death – no meaning in this race;
Sought to achieve the blindness well known;
A veil of flawless deceit immaculately sewn;

Naked and burned on the shores of this sea;
He contends with the seasons utterly to ease;
Reckoning with rage procuring delusion;
Malignance contracts acute confusion;

The past plays parodies purging the doubts;
Each melody a marvelous artifice with clout;
Beyond rhyme His schemes are methodical;
Each note a resonant truth so infallible;

The storms exhausted, the shroud is lifted;
Manifesting the vision of how I have shifted;
As He knits these wings for Our maiden flight;
I reminisce over my swan of absolute white;