Edited on April 1st 2010

Chapter One
Weird girl

I eyed Anjelica outside my classroom, she waited for me as usual. I gathered my stuff scattered across my desk and put everything in my big white leather bag. I always liked that bag ever since I found it in a sale. So spacey, cheap, pretty and classy, I think I also bought it because Gwen told me it suited me well. I guess this meant I was cheap and pretty, perhaps also classy and I'm not sure about spacey, but I sure had a lot of room for the wrong people in my life.

I stood up from my chair and headed out. Someone called my name and I turned my head around. Some girls wanted to wish me a good week. How weird of them to wish such things. I mean, looking around, nobody had such nice intentions over each other, unless of course, you had an outstanding last name. Anyway I smiled and walked out of the place. I kissed Anjelica on the cheek and she gave me some good news, or what appeared to be.

"Pisces: This is a great week to find love in the most unexpected person. Take a look around and you might find that which you've been looking for without you ever knowing" Anjelica said. She smiled, she smiled wider than me and I was the one to be excited about it. There's little to no joy about being utterly uninterested in your best friend's astrological fixations. I am a Pisces, she is an unlikely unstable Libra.

"Oh really?" I raised an eyebrow, "I don't believe in that crap"

"Has it ever failed you?" Anjelica said. I grinned and turned around.

"A hundred times out of a hundred" I said, winking an eye.

Anjelica stuck her pierced tongue out and tugged at my arm, taking hold of it tightly. We were heading to the exit, finally the time to go home had arrived and my list of priorities set eating as my number one. She started talking about something related to her Economy class, but I couldn't listen to her. My hearing was perfect, but my mind disregarded the useless information. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends, but I just couldn't focus. I nodded my head, making Anjelica believe I gave a damn when I didn't. That horoscope thing popped in my mind and I wondered how many times Anjelica had read my horoscope and it had bombed just hours after hearing it. My wild guess would be three hundred times. I believed my luck in love was tainted, doomed, fractured to say the least. I had had crushes before, but I had never been able to say "I love you" to someone. To hell with all that astrology bullshit, I didn't believe in the stars, I didn't have a reason to.

"…What do you think?"

I snapped out of my thoughts. "What?" I asked, putting on my sunglasses.

"About my next piercing" Anjelica said. She turned to look at me and put a finger on her nose.

"Would look good" I said, smiling.

"Come and get one with me" she said. Her proposals were always appealing but I knew that I'd be regretting everything later on. Getting a piercing, a tattoo, getting wasted, going to bars just for the fun of hooking up with thirty year olders.

"Not for me" I said, shaking my head.

"Well" she said. She sighed, she did it whenever she wanted to show that she disapproved my decisions. "Should I get a ring or just a tiny silver drop on my precious nose?"

"Go cow and get a thick ring in the septum" I said, I think I raised my voice trying to make fun of her.

"Ew no!" she said, making a face. "That's for weird girls and dykes like… like Sara"

"Who?" I said. For a moment I couldn't picture someone called Sara with a septum piercing. Anjelica rolled her eyes and kind of changed her voice into a disdainful one.

"Sara Dahl, the homo with a cow piercing and a lip ring, here in the middle" Anjelica put a finger on her mouth.

It hit me.

"Oh…" I said, stretching my surprise interjection. "Yeah, yeah… what a weird girl, isn't she?"

"Speaking of the devil…" Anjelica said. I turned to look at her just to see where was she looking at. Sara was quietly reading a book on her lap. I had probably seen her three or four times in my life before this moment. Anjelica and Gwen had told me about her without a deep description of Sara's persona. I just recognized her for the nose piercing and the lip ring.

"Mh…" I frowned, "she looks like a boy"

"She tries being one" Anjelica said, scoffing at the lonely homosexual, "She wears baggy clothes, she's always seen with a cap and her emo haircut"

I nodded and pursed my lips. I didn't have anything else to say about her. People like her escaped my memory and interest. We were about to pass her by in some seconds. Anjelica gazed away, like if seeing Sara was the ultimate sample of bad taste. I did look at her when we passed her by. I tried seeing what she was reading, sitting on than lonely bench. I wasn't sure of what I wanted to see the most, the reading she was devouring, her piercings or her eyes. Maybe everything, she looked like such an interesting person, the type of person you want to talk to maybe once or twice, but know that you belong to worlds hanging millions of light years apart.

I looked ahead and forgot about Sara. My stomach claimed my attention, I wanted to eat as soon as possible. Anjelica went on talking about her manicure and how much she wanted to sue the girl that had done her nails. I mentally sighed and mentally rolled my eyes. I really didn't care about her nails. It was until we said goodbye and she headed towards her car and I walked towards mine, that I felt free. I smiled at the mellow afternoon and took off my ponytail elastic. It was one of those small triumphs of releasing your brain after a day of pulling your brains together.

I started to hum a great song, Green Day's Good Riddance. Days as mellow as this made me sing that song but I couldn't actually sing it right now. There were a lot of people around and catching their glances had lost any kind of fun. Before I finished humming the song, I was already out of the parking lot, speeding away. I had to apply the breaks in view of the glowing red up in the traffic lights. This stop was usually quite long due to the pass of students from the school facilities to the cafés on the other side of the street. I took a look at my eyes in the rear view mirror just to check my eyebrows, I was trying a new brush on them. They looked good, and so did my mascara. I was always proud of my cosmetics, and always making sure I looked like I was going somewhere important. My big brown eyes thanked me for my good taste. I offered a wink at myself. When I looked outside the windshield, I noticed the red light was still on. I twisted my mouth and drummed my fingers on the wheel. A person about to cross the street caught my attention and I turned to see whoever wore a baggy black hoodie and some pair of dark jeans.

I sucked my lower lip and widened my eyes.

"What a weird girl" I whispered, looking at Sara. She did look like a boy, if I didn't know she was a girl, I would definitely say she was a boy. A really cute boy actually. She had no boobs and if she had, her clothes hid them really well. She was rather tall and she was really thin. Her skin was pretty and just as I was studying her personal features, she turned her head around and looked at me.

I did nothing, nothing at all; not even looking away pretending to be impatient for the green light. I looked at her and she looked at me. And it felt awfully strange. I tightened the grip on the steering wheel without being conscious of it and pushed myself into the cushioned seat. She held a strange eye contact with me. The look in her eyes was new to me. She looked at me like someone that holds a grudge towards other person and I am certain that she didn't know me and I didn't know her. Her eyes were evil in the shadow of her black cap. I didn't know what colour they were, but they looked dark. Her pierced lips split up just as she turned to look ahead, climbing onto the sidewalk. I turned to look at the traffic lights and noticed that I had been just on time to see the shift from red to green.

I glanced one last time at Sara. She walked away, dragging her feet carelessly. I cleared my throat and noticed that it had suddenly shrunk. I turned to look at the front and sped away.

"What a weird girl" I said.

Secretly, I knew that I wanted to see her again.