Summary- In this world, there are four kingdoms; Suzaku for the South, Seiryu for the East, Byakko for the West, and Genbu for the North. In this world, nearly all logic flies out the window like a broken clock. A girl with no memories aside from her name and age. A prince who only wishes for his fiancee back. A thief who refuses to steal anymore. A beggar with a demon within him. A Guardian who wants death. How are these five related?

Rated- T

Genre- Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure

Warnings- Shounen-ai, Shoujo-ai, Slavery, etc.

A/N- So I've come back with a new story. -sweatdrops- This sucks. Now I have more work to do! Yet the plot bunnies won't leave me alone! It's like I have something that attracts them to me or something...

The title...was just a out-of-the-blue thing. I don't think it has any significal meaning in this story but you never know. Also, this will at least have two volumes. That's for sure.

Legend Across Time: Vol. 1: Origin


In this world, there are four kingdoms; Suzaku for the South, Seiryu for the East, Byakko for the West, and Genbu for the North.

A phoenix for the South. A dragon for the East. A tiger for the West. A turtle with a snake for the North.

There was a infamous legend. One that told of the destruction of the world, only to be saved by five people whose meeting where foretold by the Gods.

A girl with no memory

A young girl, looking at least ten years old, laid on the river bank, unconscious. Clothes were wet and dirty and her silver hair was tangled with small sticks. A hunter came to get a drink of water before spotting the girl. His mouth nearly dropped in shock when he recognized her. He rushed over to the girl and quickly tried to see if she was still alive. Seeing the small rise and fall of her chest reassured him and he lifted her up, bridal style. He then headed back to where he lived.

A prince with a wish for his beloved back

A boy looked out the window, eyes carrying the sorrow he didn't show on his face. His brown hair was brushed gently by the wind and he sighed before shutting the window and turning away from it. A shooting star flew across the sky.

A thief who no longer steals

A hooded figure sat down on a trunk, staring at the blackish purple gem that was in his hand. He ran a finger on its smooth surface. He gripped it tightly and stood up. Dropping it in his pouch that was attached to his waist, he picked up his bag and continued on his way.

A begger wrapped in the shadows of a demon

A boy, looking at least seven, looked around him, only to see closed doors and windows. He continued walking through the town and ended at the forest, not knowing when. He wrapped his cloak tightly around him, trying to get warmth, despite the fact it was thin and worn out. Collecting a few twigs and logs, he pointed his index finger towards it and mumbled a word, causing a flame to shoot out from his finger to the logs, successfully creating a fire. He smiled lightly and curled up next to it. He soon fell asleep to the soft whispers of someone near him yet far away.

A Guardian who welcomes death

She closed her eyes as she stood on the balcony, feeling the wind around her. It whispered things in her ear and she gave a small smile as she opened her eyes. She leaned against the ledge, wondering if she should jump off but decided against it. The wind would save her by making her float back up. She sighed and watched the stars twinkle in the midnight sky.

The strings of Destiny has been tied and connected

"They come."

"They are connected."

"Their fate are now intertwined."

The story which became a legend over time

"Grandpa! Tell me a story!"

"Alright, then. What would you like to hear?"

"That story about the five heroes!"

How five people saved Eien from destruction

A group of five high-fived each other and one of them ruffled another's hair, causing that person to glare at the other. But they all had smiles on their faces as they listened to the cheers and shouts from everyone.

And this is where the tale shall begin...