A Pain Too Real

Chapter one

Jade suddenly sprang up in bed; he look around all he saw was white. Jaden then looked down at his left wrist, where he saw a long thin gash. Then he finally realized what happen the day before, which drove him over the edge.


Jaden was walking the crowded hallway of Jameston High School when this jockish boy comes out of nowhere and knocks down jade to the floor. The boy's name was Josh Ambers, he is the most popular boy in Jameston High School. Josh loved to tease Jaden. Josh just stood there and laughs at Jade's dismay. Tears started to swell in his eyes, but he just held them in even though he just wanted to sit there, on the floor and cry. Instead of sitting there and crying, Jaden stood up and tried to walk to his class

End of Flashback

Jaden just shook his head and look around the room once again. "I hate my life so much why did I have to be born," exclaimed Jaden. "My biological parents didn't even want me," said Jaden. Jaden was dumped off when he was two years old. Now Jaden lives with his adoptive parents: George and Jane Isabelle. A nurse walked into his room, "How are you felling," asked the nurse. "My name is Janet," said the nurse "here is your medication." "Oh thank you I guess, what are they for" asked Jaden "Oh don't worry about that just please take them," replied Janet. After Jaden took the medication he suddenly had anther flashback from the day before.


Jaden was walking to lunch after English class when josh and his gang came up behind him. Josh had a huge smile on his face he pushed Jaden on the floor. Josh and his gang started to kick Jaden in his side furiously. Jaden just cried out in pain and begged for josh and his gang to stop kicking him in his side. While all of this was happening the teachers just completely ignored the beating in front of them as they walk to the cafeteria. Finally Jaden's English teacher Mr.Smithtin told help Jaden up and told him to go to lunch and act if nothing happened at all.

End of Flashback

Jaden started to remember why he tried to kill himself in the first place. No one at school cared about him the only one that cared at his school was his best friend and only friend through his whole life and here name is Riana. Jaden smiled thinking about his only friend. 'I wonder if I ever git to see Riana again, "thought Jaden.

Then a consular looking like person came into Jaden's room. "Hi Jaden I am your consular, my name is James Landen and I am going to ask you a few questions, is that alright with you, "sure it's not like I have a choice, " replied Jaden coolly. " So how are you feeling, "asked Landen "as fine as you can be if you're not aloud out," exclaimed Jaden?"Well that is good I guess that is good so have you had any thoughts of killing yourself lately'" asked Landen. "Will not really I just like woke up like an half an hour ago, I didn't really have a lot to think about, so no I didn't have any thoughts of killing myself," replied Jaden hotly. "Well that is a little bit of progress so far," replied Landen sadly "so I think that is all the time I have today so I will see you in a week or so well then goodbye," said Landen. "Bye," 'finally he left' thought Jaden.

One of the workers came in and said "come with me," demanded the worker "where are we going," question Jaden "we are going to the 'Social Room' so you can interact with other kids," explained the worker. "Oh all right," replied Jaden with rejection.

When the worker and Jaden arrived at the' Social Room' Jaden was kind of amazed at how many little kids and teenagers were in the 'Social room'

Zander Williams was sitting in the 'Social Room', he looked up as he heard the door open. Zander stood up from his chair, he walked over to the new kid 'Jaden'. "Hi my name is Zander, what is your name," asked Zander. "Hi my name is Jaden," Then they shock each other's hands. "Why are you in here Jaden," question Zander.


It was Friday after work Jaden was walking home from work. Jaden kept hearing footsteps as he walk closer to his home. While he was hearing footsteps, he would turn his head to see if anyone was walking behind him. Of course there wasn't anyone behind him. So, Jaden tried to ignore thoughts of a stranger walking behind him, he was suddenly attacked by this man, wearing a black mask and black sweater and pants. The man wearing all black, tied and gagged Jaden, then threw Jaden into the man's car and drove off as quickly as he could. The man then threw Jaden on his bed. The man took off his mask; Jaden was shocked to see who it was under the mask. The man who kidnapped him was Josh Ambers, the mighty puck ass jock in his high school. Josh smiled cruelly at Jaden as he started to take off Jaden's clothes slowly piece by piece. Once all of Jaden's clothes were taken off, Josh took off his pants. Josh viciously raped Jaden as hard as he could; Jaden's cries for Josh to stop made Josh want to go faster. Josh wanted to cause Jaden as much pain as he could; he smiled when Jaden cried for him to stop. Soon the pain was so severe it made Jaden passes out. When Jaden woke up he quickly put in his clothes and ran out of Josh's room and to his house. An hour later Jaden tried to kill his self to en his misery and pain of being raped.

End of Flashback

"Oh I am here because I tried to kill myself I think," answered Jaden," why are you in here Zander, you seem pretty normal," question Jaden. "I am here because I am bipolar and parents don't really like me or know what to do with me," "oh and I am on the right medication now so I am fine" answered Zander,"I won't yell at you or anything, so will you be my friend pretty please with a cherry on top," begged Zander in a cheerful mood. "I guess so," replied Jaden, "what do we do here anyway," questioned Jaden." What we do here is nothing really, we just sit here and look at each other and eat crappy ass food," replied Zander. "Oh is that all how boring." Said Jaden. Zander smiled sweetly at Jaden when Jaden looked away. Then a nurse walked over to Zander and Jaden and said," Good thing you two are getting along greatly because you two are going to be sharing a room together," " we are having a shortage of rooms." "This is sweet," replied Zander "we get to share a room," said Zander. Zander then pulled Jaden close to him by his shoulders.

Zander put his hand in his sexy blondish hair with one hand, while the other hand in Jaden's midnight black hair to mess it up. "Lets go to the game room, lets play some games," as Zander said that he licked his lips in excitement. "Ok," replied Jaden, ready to have fun. Jaden and Zander end up playing twister with some other kids too, it turns out Jaden is very flexible, which made Zander smile in glee. Jaden end up winning twister. After playing twister Jaden and Zander went to lunch, 'Zander was right this food is awful,' thought Jaden. After lunch Jaden end up fallen asleep on Zander's lap.

End of Chapter One