Chapter 3


Three months after Jaden and Reana had sex

'I am so late, I need to go to the drug store for a pregnancy test' thought Reana. 'I don't even remember what happen three months ago at my house,' thought Reana. 'I don't think I can tell Jaden that I might be pregnant' thought Reana. Once after school, Reana went to the general drug store. Reana went through many isles before she found the pregnancy test was located, it was around the tampons it was near the back of the drug store. Reana embarrassedly took the test and went up to the counter and bought the test. The cashier just shook her head once she saw what Reana bought.

Reana's parents were gone for the weekend, once Reana got home she took the pregnancy test several minutes later the test came out positive. All Reana could do was cry, 'how am I going to take care of a baby and how am I going to tell Jaden about me being pregnant' thought Reana as she cried herself to sleep.

The next day after Reana found out she was pregnant; Reana cornered Jaden after school and told him the news about her. "Um Jaden I have to tell you something," said Reana nervously. "What is it," asked Jaden, "Um Jaden I am pregnant and you are the father," said Reana. That is when Jaden kind of fainted.

End of Flashback

It was around 6:00 in the morning when Reana suddenly woken up that s when she looked over to see Jaden and Zander.

Reana's thoughts

Reana woke up to the sight of Jaden and Zander cuddling with each other, Reana then had an evil idea. 'Finally Jaden has somebody that will care for unlike his parent or anybody at school,' thought Reana happily. Soon after that thought Reana fell back into a blissfully deep sleep.

Zander's thoughts

Soon after that Zander happened to wake up with a big smile on his face once he look down at his new lover. He just hugged Jaden harder "hoping that Jaden wouldn't wake up and realize that he made a big mistake and take back everything he said to him," thought Zander. Zander then looked over to Reana and wonder what she would of thought if she Zander and himself hugging as tight as they were, Zander then kissed Jaden's check and went to sleep once again.

Jaden's thoughts

An hour later Jaden woke up suddenly to fell like he slept the best in year he started to stretch, when he accidentally smack Zander in the face. Zander just grunted and snuggled more into Jaden and fell into a deeper sleep. Jaden then looked around and saw he was still in the hellish the ward. "The only good thing that came from hurting me was Zander," thought Jaden tiredly. He soon fell asleep like the other did an hour ago or so.

Around 8:00 Reana was packing up to leave, when Jaden came out of the shower, Zander was still asleep, "can't wait to see you soon," said Jaden, "me to see you soon," replied Reana. Reana finally left for several months.

Jaden's midnight black locks were dripping with water, his emerald eyes were looking over to the lump on the right bed. A turf of blond hair was sticking out of the covers, Jaden started to plan way to rudely wake up Zander from his lovely sleep. 'It isn't like Zander actually needed his beauty sleep anyway,' thought Jaden evilly. Jaden then went over to Zander and shook his hair in Zander's face, which Zander sprung out of bed because of the cold water from Jaden's hair. Jaden started to laugh uncontrollably. 'You should of seen the expression on your face," laughed Jaden. "That was not funny Jaden I was having a really good dream, but thanks to you I can't have it anymore," said Zander jokingly, but blushed when he said he was having a good dream. "So I am guessing you were having a dirty dream by the way you were blushing at that comment," teased Jaden. "Was it about me Zander I am sexy you know," commented Jaden. With that said Zander started to blush madly because the dream was actually about Jaden he just didn't want to admit it. "So was the dream about me or not," asked Jaden as he looked into Zander's silver eyes. "I don't want to comment about my could have been wet dream if you didn't wake me so rudely," said Zander happily trying to make Jaden fell guilty by saying things like that to him.

Finally a nurse arrived in Jaden and Zander's room to deliver their pills. After taking the pills Zander grabbed Jaden's hand and went to the get breakfast. After breakfast Zander finally asked Jaden his question that was interrupted by Reana. "Why did you try to kill yourself even though you knew that you were going to be a father," asked Zander. "Well I just couldn't stand myself any more I felt so dirty so violated by josh why would I want to live, I know it would have been a selfish thing to do," said Jaden sadly. "There wasn't really anything to live for anymore, it wasn't like it was the first time, just the first time my parents caught Me." replied Jaden. "By the way why are you really in here Zander" asked Jaden. "Oh my parents like to beat me for anything I do" said Zander sadly. "I just couldn't take it anymore I needed a release me them think I am crazy that I will try to commit suicide so I didn't have to see them or talk to them anymore, maybe just maybe I will be out of here once I am eighteen," said Zander wishfully. Then Jaden just hugged Zander as tight as possible and said "don't try to kill yourself anymore or ever again I am here for you I know what you are going through right now, please don't kill or harm yourself ever again," begged Jaden. "Of course I won't kill or harm myself as long as you are here for me Jaden," said Zander sweetly and slowly kissed Jaden so they got into a heated make out session.

To be continued