Was it just a dream? Must have been… But it felt so real! Just like all those before it. Frightening images. Peaceful images. Images that made no sense yet somehow related and told a story. A story of the past, present, future and of times that have not come to pass and will never do so. Yet for some reason they existed… Or did they only exist in dreams? A confusing predicament that none will truly understand. But why do such things exist if they can not be understood? Another one of life's little mysteries that I am certain shall never be answered.

This story does not have a beginning as such. Nor an ending. Like the number 0 and 8, it continues forever as it always has. However it does a point of reference where we may be taken on its everlasting journey.

The formation or continuation of a being renowned for everything can be construed as the point of reference. A being feared, admired, worshipped and allegedly responsible for what everything is, whether it small or large, sad or happy, mad or sane, strong or weak and such similar allocations.

Such a being has many names. Some used, some not. But each as important as the other. This being existed alone in what can only be called non-existence. Much can be done when nothing has been done. Such a time that time itself did not exist. Due to the existence of the being would mean the existence of something else. Something else with just as many names as the being.

To reduce the growing confusion, it will be named the mental world. If anything exists then so does the mental world. A world as complex and on-going as existence itself.

The mental world can never be described in a way that anything can understand. Its complexity surpasses the comprehension of everything. However it is possible to draw a very basic description of what it is.

It can be depicted as a perfectly round ball or multi-dimensional circle, which happens to be the best possible shape to use to describe it.

Add a path or trail to this multi-dimensional circle and you get the journey of a being's existence. Where this path starts is where the being comes into existence. Where it ends the being ceases to exist. However these explanatories only apply for the spiritual plain which will be explain later. Another truth is that something can not cease to exist since it has already been in the confines of existence.

The overall result looks like a jumbled mess of intertwining paths. All these paths are trails of everything in existence.

With the mental world in existence, the renowned being was free to dream or fabricate. The first things to follow the being's existence were twenty new beings which can be described or called spirits.

With the existence of the spirits, another world would have to exist. A world which will be named the spiritual plain. A world directly linked to the mental world. The spirits were the first to express emotion.

Love, sadness, happiness, confusion and hate…

Due to the formation of emotion in the mental world, a series of events occurred which separated half of the spirits from each other in the spiritual plain. This brought around the first concepts of good and evil. The original being remained where it was and fabricated a realm known commonly as heaven. Ten spirits stayed in this realm.

The other ten spirits, led by one who will be named the greater evil, was either banished or left of their own choosing.

The spirits that remained were named angels.

The spirits that left were named demons.

The greater evil fabricated its own realm known as hell. Although time itself did not exist, the battle between heaven and hell would bring about its formation.

This battle also brought about a new world. A middle ground that neither angel nor demon ruled. A world that will be called the physical plain. A world indirectly related and linked to the mental world.

To describe this newly formed world, I would merely tell you to look down or up or left or right. For the physical plain is what everything living dwells in. Its borders know no boundaries as it is like the mental world in aspect. Commonly called the universe, this on-going world will play the biggest part of this story.

The physical plain however is the most fragile in its existence. It can be described that it is held together by small strings. Thousands of tiny strings.

When a power is exerted in the physical plain that exceeds the strength of one or more of the strings, a rip can occur in its dimension. To explain this: Imagine a small weight held up by a thin string. As the power in the physical plain builds, more weight is added to the string. Eventually the string breaks which in turn can cause other strings to break. To allow these strings to break could spell destruction the entire spiritual plain which in turn would destroy the mental world and bring about non-existence. A common example of a string breaking would be the formation of a black hole, due to the power of a supernova.

Now that the three worlds/plains have been explained in the best possible way, the story may continue.