Adia and Morgan both hated that they looked so much like each other. So much so that once Morgan had dyed her originally jet-black hair a bright red. Now Adia kept her hair long and straight while Morgan kept hers shorter and curled at the ends. Adia used contacts, Morgan stuck to rimless glasses. But still, every new person they met gushed about how they simply could not believe that the girls weren't twins and were in fact sisters. Half-sisters in fact. Same mom, different dad.

Today, Adia and Morgan looked more alike than ever with their identical ponytails and identical strapless maroon dresses which their mother had insisted upon. It was after all Carla's wedding day – she had the final say. Carla beamed at her daughters before giving them a huge suffocating hug.

"You guys look amazing," she exclaimed.

"Thanks, Mom. Congratulations!," Morgan smiled, kissing her mother on the cheek. Adia squeezed her hand instead.

Desmond, Morgan's dad, came up to the trio. "Hello, girls, ready to go?" Morgan and Adia were supposed to stay with Desmond til Carla and her new husband, Kyle, got back from their honeymoon. Adia nodded, giving her mother one last hug before following Morgan and Desmond to the car. She was exhausted after one long day of making small talk with relatives she barely knew, calming her mom down aftr every mini panic-attack she had. She dreamt of long hot showers and Linda's , Desmond's wife, chocolate brownies all the way home.

As she had hoped, Linda had left a plate of brownies on the kitchen counter.

"I'm gonna shower first," Morgan yelled racing up the stairs before Adia could. But she didn't mind, she had brownies. She was satisfied. As she ate her second brownie, Adia thought of Tyler and Derek, Kyle's sons and therefore her new step-brothers. Tyler was her age and Derek was 6 years older to her but they were both gorgeous in every sense of the word. But what they had in good looks, they lacked in personality. She had attempted to make conversation with the two throughout the entire reception, having met them for the first time as they had been holidaying in Europe all throughout Kyle and Carla's three-month whirlwind romance. But sadly, the brothers were not exactly sociable.

Tyler never took his headphones off, listening to indie and folk rock that Adia actually liked. But he never offered to let her have a listen. Derek just chipped off the black nail varnish on his nails whenevr he was not tugging at his tie like it was strangling him. Adia gave up after awhile and resigned to the fact that her mother had married into a family of mutes. Kyle nevr said much either to Morgan or her except for 'thanks' and 'pass the salt please'

By the time Adia was done with her fifth brownie, Morgan was down and it was her turn to use the shower.

Morgan blasted the radio in her room to block out Adia's rendition of "A Simple Kind Of Life" coming from the bathroom where she was having her shower. Singing was not one of Adia's talents to say the least. There was a knock on the door before Desmond stuck his head in.

"Everything okay in here?"

"Yeah, everything's good. Thanks, Dad," Morgan replied, drying her hair with her towel. Desmond looked towards the bathroom where the singing was coming from and laughed. Morgan laughed with him, "She's worse when she's not in the bathroom."

Desmond replied, " Be nice, Morgan. Anyway, your Mom just called. Kyle's boys will be staying at your place so she says it's alright if you girls want to go home tomorrow since they'll be there to look out for you."

Morgan scoffed. Tyler and Derek look out for them? They hadn't said two words to her since she met them, somehow she doubted they were the protective, brotherly types. But even so, although she loved staying with her Dad, all her things were at Mom's and it would be so much more convenient to stay there .

"Okay, Dad. If that's okay with you, I guess Adia and I will go home tomorrow?" Morgan asked. Desmond said it was alright by him, told her to be down in half an hour for dinner, and left.

At that moment, Adia stepped out of the bathroom, filling the bedroom with the scent of her shampoo, much to Morgan's dislike.

"So what do you think of our new family members?" Adia asked, turning the radio off. She rummaged through her bag, looking for clothes to wear.

"I think they're dicks. Hot dicks. But dicks nonetheless," Morgan said, watching her sister change. Adia laughed but nodded her head in agreement.

"Oh by the way, we're going home tomorrow. Mom said it's cool since the dicks will be there to protect us," Morgan said sarcastically.

"Spending summer vacation with those two? Whoopdeedoo we're in for a blast."

Adia looked at her cell. 3.40 am. She couldn't sleep and the boredom was killing her. Morgan was as always snoring and that wasn't helping her case much either. Thank goodness they were going home tomorrow; she could get her own room back. Getting out of bed, Adia contemplated putting a t-shirt on before going out of the room as she always slept with her sports bra on . "Screw it," she muttered to herself. It was not like anyone would be awake at this hour anyway.

The corridor was pitch dark so she had to strain her eyes to walk down the stairs without tripping. She was already a klutz as it was. Thankfully, she made it downstairs without making a racket. She was hungry so obviously she headed to the kitchen and looked for what else but, more of Linda's brownies. And there it was in the fridge! Adia smiled triumphantly, taking the plate with her to the TV room. She felt like watching old reruns of Friends, the greatest series of all time in her book. There had yet to be a series that could top that for her. and she doubted there ever would be.

Her plans to be a couch potato did not look like it was going to happen though as Desmond was sitting on the couch in his night apparel which consisted of a pair of black boxers and nothing else.

"Adia, what are you doing up so late?" he looked up with surprise.

"I couldn't sleep..Want some?" she offered the plate of brownies to her former step-father, as she sat down next to him on the couch. He shook his head. Adia noticed he seemed slightly uncomfortable and she wondered why. Had he been watching porn or something? Now that would have been funny.

Then something caught her eye. There was an enormous tent in his boxers. Desmond didn't seem to notice for he was still looking at her in surprise. Adia followed his gaze and realized he was staring at her chest.. at her sports bra. Damn. She had forgotten what she was wearing.

Self-conciously, she grabbed a cushion from off the couch and hugged it to her, covering her chest. Desmond blushed a deep red.

"Shit..I'm sorry," he stammered, averting his eyes. Adia knew he was embarrassed. And he should be. He had been her stepfather and lived with her for 6 years before the divorce. It was extremely uncomfortable and disturbing to see Desmond acting like a perv. Adia looked down. The hard on was still there. She dropped the cushion and got up to leave before he could say anything.

When she was in bed again. Adia tried to make sense of what had just happened. Maybe Desmond HAD been watching porn and he had already been horny which would explain the hard on. But the way he had looked at her breasts..Argh she did not want to think about it. Desmond had lived with them till she was 9. He had not been around long enough for her to hit puberty to show this side of him. And she was glad