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"Oh, oh! I've never gone skinny-dipping," Adia giggled, nearly dropping her wine glass. Both Tyler and Derek took a sip out of their glasses. Once again, Adia giggled.

"Ooh naughty," she hiccupped, still giggling. Derek made a mental note never to play 'I Never' with her again. She had the lowest tolerance for alcohol. But then again, even he was feeling a bit light-headed after all the sips he had had to take. They had gotten back from The Loft an hour ago and Adia had suggested a drinking game to kill time. Carla's house was definitely well stocked with wine.

"Your turn, D," Tyler said, nudging him. Derek did not know what he wanted to find out. He looked at Morgan for inspiration. Her cheeks were flushed as a result of the wine and she was stretched out on the floor, smiling contently to herself.

"I've never gone for someone younger than I was," he said. Only Tyler raised his glass.

"Younger guys are a no-no," Morgan said.

"What about younger girls?" Tyler teased.

"I don't bat for that team, sweetheart," she replied, slurring slightly.

"Lucky me," Tyler said. Derek saw them exchange a look before Morgan looked down shyly. Damnit. As always, his brother had won the girl over. Exasperated, Derek downed his glass.

"Hey, you shouldn't have done that!" Adia protested, looking at his empty glass and wagging her finger. Then she burst out into another fit of giggles. The girl was wasted.

"I think we're done," Derek said, giving Tyler a look. Tyler looked at Adia, laughed, and nodded in agreement. The two of them started clearing up. Morgan got up shakily.

"Lemme help," she said, taking an empty bottle from Derek only to drop it. "Oops!"

"I'll do it, you should go get some sleep," Derek said, picking up the bottle. Morgan looked apologetic. She made her way to the stairs, slowly climbing up.

Tyler looked at his brother, smiling slyly. "I think I better help her." He went after her, helping her up, leaving Derek and Adia alone in the hall.

"You should go to bed too," Derek said, looking at her. He put the last glass in the sink and washed his hands. Adia pouted.

"Tyler left with Morgan," she moaned. He looked at her disappointed face.

"You like my brother too?"

Adia giggled, " Yeah I like ourbrother a tiny bit." That sounded so wrong but Adia kept laughing like it was the biggest joke in the world. She sat down and stared up at him for a moment.

"You know what, you're pretty hot," she mused "In fact, I think you're hotter than Tyler. Problem is, you don't talk that much."

Derek was amused. "Really? So if I talked more like Ty does, I can have any girl I want?"

Adia nodded, "Yeah I should think so. You're a hottie."

He grinned. Should he be flattered by compliments from a drunk girl?

As if she had read his mind, she added, "I may be a bit tipsy, but I think you're hot even when I'm sober. Trust me."

Derek smiled at her. "Thanks Adia. I appreciate it."

Adia laughed again – big surprise. "Come on, Derek, help me to my room." She grabbed his hand and pulled him. He laughed and followed her up.

"You dance well," Tyler said, flopping down onto Morgan's queen-sized bed. Morgan giggled.

"Thanks, so do you," she replied, still standing.

"Not joining me?" Tyler asked, wiggling his eyebrows comically.

"Don't take advantage of the drunk girl," she scolded, sitting down at the edge of the bed.

"You're not drunk. A little high, but you're still sober enough to be rational," Tyler said, sinking deeper into her bed. Her room smelt of vanilla and chewing gum strangely enough.

Morgan smiled, "Okay, so being the rational person that I am, I don't think it's a good idea that you're in my room at this hour." Tyler crawled to where she was on the bed and whispered in her ear,

"Our parents aren't around."

He heard her hold her breath when he leaned in to whisper. He smiled to himself, running a finger down her bare shoulder.

"You're beautiful," he said again, kissing her neck. He could smell the wine on her breath mingled with the scent of her perfume. He wanted her so badly, he couldn't think clearly. Or maybe it was the alcohol.

"Tyler..We've only known each other two days," Morgan said, pulling away. But her breathing was heavy and Tyler saw the longing in her eyes.

"But you're my sister.. that gives me special privileges," he breathed, smelling her hair.

"What kind of privileges?" Morgan asked, closing her eyes as he pushed her down onto the bed. She bit her lip as he kissed her collarbone, moving all the way down her plunging neckline. Her skin tasted good, he wanted to taste everything. His hands wandered to her breasts, massaging it as he kissed her cleavage.

Morgan pulled him on top of her, and he kissed her , his tongue deep down her throat. The bulge in his pants pressing against her body.

"No, no stop..We can't.." Morgan said suddenly, pushing him off.

"But I want you so bad.." Tyler whispered, kissing her again. She pulled away.

"I want you too but., I'll see you tomorrow okay?" she said, getting off the bed and opening the door for him to leave. Tyler sighed and got up.

"See you tomorrow, sis," he said softly, pulling her to him for another kiss before walking down the corridor to his room.