Kariah glanced at the phone as she had for the past year. She longed to dial Tia's number. Everyone in town knew that Tia would proabably just hang up on her. Kariah thought in the back of her mind though that her and Tia were friends for so long that one little mistake shouldn't matter.

Of all people Kariah knew mistakes do matter. Her own sister had dies in the bath tub because the water went over her head. Both her and her mother felt terrible to this day. But because of the mistake Kariah made they barerly had time to think "why didn't I watch her that night" or "I should have taken a bath with her that time"

o o o

"Hey girl!" said Lashai.

"Hi" said Kariah half paying attention

"look I don't care what you did you need to stop holding it against yourself" said Lashai all in one breath and waiting for an answer.

After a few minutes of silence Lashai gave up on recieving a response. All the times her and Kariah had talked taught her that some of the times Kariah actually was listening she just might not say anything.

Lashai could easily find out wht Kariah did from a gossiper or somebody but instead she wanted Kariah to tell her when she was good and ready...

Kariah only hung out with Lashai because it was kind of like a fresh start, an empty canvas. Lashai is a nice person thought Kariah. Why isn't she outright asking me what I did though? If Lashai had asked Kariah wouldn't know whether to answer her or not...