This is no Garden of Eden so you can just screw off.

Chapter 1

There was a flurry of feathers everywhere, raining downward, as we scrambled about the kitchen. I darted passed the winged creature and yanked open the silverware drawer, pulling out a large carving knife.

"Back!" I demanded and brandished the knife in attempt to get rid of the feathery freak that was coming towards me.

"Eve, calm down. I mean no harm." He was striding towards me slowly, his hands raised in an inoffensive manner and his wings curling delicately against his back.

I made another blind stab with the cutlery and pressed myself closer against the cabinets behind me. In a split-second, in the moment it took me to blink, he had me pinned, the knife flying out of my hand and sliding across the floor.

His face was close to my own, close enough that I could distinguish the color of his eyes. It was a truly exquisite shade of pale violet. They reminded me of polished amethysts.

I stared up at him, complete shock written on my face. "I'm sorry I had to do that," his breath ghosted over my lips and I trembled against him. Whatever this creature was, he was stunningly beautiful.

His eyes lowered in calculating remorse and his chin tilted ever so slightly. "Please," my voice was ragged with fear and awe, "what do you want with me?" Why, oh why, had I chosen today of all days to ditch school?

"I was sent here to protect you," he took a moment to pull me away from the cabinets in a one armed hug and smoothed a strand of hair away from my face. His movements were tender and made me feels as though I was made of glass.

It was strange, how one moment I could be scared out of my wits and the next I'd be as mellow as a new born calf. I wasn't entirely sure that I liked another having this sort of power over me.

He guided me into the sitting room and lowered me onto the couch before taking his place at my side. "I suppose I have a lot of explaining to do," he mused aloud and refused to remove his arms from around my shoulders even as I tried to scoot away.

"Damn strait you do."

His face took on an admonishing look, "Don't swear. It's unbecoming of a young lady."

I literally gawked at him. Who was he to tell me which words I could and couldn't use. The thing that bothered me the most though was the crinkle in the corners of his eyes as he grinned amusedly at me. He was truly taking some perverse satisfaction from this.

"Alright, enough screwing around. Who are you and what did you mean about being here to protect me?" He looked off into the distance in thought and curled his fingers through my hair, knotting them at the base of my skull. It was a sensational feeling, having him touch me in such an innocently intimate way, but it had to stop. I hardly knew the man.

"Would you stop touching me?" I asked my voice revealing my underlying discomfort. His eyes swung back to focus and released their full force on me. It made me want to fold myself up into a small ball in the corner of the room to relieve the sudden pressure that made my bones melt and my skin to crawl in a most pleasurable way. His gaze would be a powerful weapon if he so chose to use it.

"I can't."


"No," the crinkle in the corners of his eyes was back, "I can't. You see, Eve, I have waited a very long time for this moment—the moment when your and your cousin's powers would finally awaken and I could reveal myself to you."

"Wait, powers? What powers are you talking about? And what do you mean 'reveal myself to you?' Have you been stalking me?" With each question, my voice got louder until I was practically screaming at the top of my lungs.

He cringed and his wings pulled tighter to his body. He began kneading my scalp and neck with his fingers and I felt the tension immediately leave my body.

"Hush. Let me explain everything to you before you jump to the wrong conclusions. My name is Adam and I was commissioned as your guardian angel from the moment you were conceived."

I opened my mouth to interrupt him with more questions but he silenced me with a look. "I will get to that, Eve. Be patient. You and your cousin, Catherine, have been both gifted and cursed. You, Eve, have been blessed by God with the gift of life. From this moment on, you shall be able to see the angels and God's miracles for all that they are. It is for Him that you now work."

Adam stopped to clear his throat and pulled my head down to rest comfortably against his shoulder. In the process of moving me, his wings had stretched to wrap around us.

"Your cousin, on the other hand, has been gifted with death. She should have realized her power by now. I can not tell you much more about her gift other than she can see and speak to the nonliving."

I yawned again and pressed my face into Adam's wings. The downy white feathers were incredibly soft and insulating. It was hard to concentrate on everything he was saying when I was drifting off to sleep.

Something did click, though, in the back of my mind. "Does that mean, that since I was gifted by God, Cat was gifted by the Devil?" I felt my body go rigid and cold.

Adam's voice seemed exhausted now, and sad. "You shall have to determine that for yourself. It is up to her on how she uses her powers." With one hand, he continued to knead my scalp and neck and with the other, he gripped my hip and pulled me more closely to him.

I had almost fallen completely into darkness when the phone rang. The sound jolted me back awake and I struggled to get out of Adams grasp but he held me tight.

"Don't move from me," he pleaded, "not when I am finally able to touch you for the first time." My cheeks grew warm, but I did as he asked and settled back into him, letting the answering machine pick up.

It was such a strange thing, the power this man—no angel—had over me. I supposed it couldn't really be that bad though, if he were truly sent by God.

I fingered the cross my mother had given me not long before her passing and yawned once more before drifting off to sleep. I'd ask him more questions when I woke.

Quick Note: As some of you may have noticed, this is a parallel to Yes, I'm in love with a dead guy. Life sucks. You won't need to read it to understand this story, but it may explain a few more things. And also, reviews are highly appreciated. Let me know if this is worth continuing!