Magnar Boarding Academy By Michele Blair and Aubrey Millpond

Chapter 1

Colston awoke to a general commotion outside his dorm window. It was the second shift, Arrival of the Vampires and other night-fairing demons. He looked to his roommate Devin who was looking at one of the dirty magazines he'd stashed under his mattress.

"Filthy night-dwelling scum." Colston exclaimed in disgust at the arriving students. He sat at the desk and unlocked the bottom drawer. "Those man-eating freaks." He mumbled to himself removing his P22 pistol from the drawer for polishing.

Thane pulled up to his new home on his Harley Davidson. He didn't quite understand why a 146-year-old vampire like himself would be required to go to high school, just because he looked like an eighteen-year-old human, but he didn't really care. He would get to spend time with her. Time away from her racist parents.

He took a last puff of his cigarette before stamping it out on the sidewalk.

"Baby!" he heard from what appeared to be the girls' dorms. He ran to the source of the scream.

"Hey, Babe" he yelled to the fiery redhead peering out the second story window. "Miss me?"

"Of course! Catch me!" She shouted in reply as she climbed out the window wearing only her underwear and a pink camisole.

"Castalia! I really don't think we're supposed to be out after hours!" A voice sounded from inside the room.

Ignoring her roommate completely Castalia jumped out of the window and into her lover's arms. Her Angelic blonde roommate Diantha's voice grew closer as she poked her head out to see what was going on. "See we really shouldn't be disobeying the—oh… heh heh… sorry… never mind" she exclaimed running back to her bed trying not to intrude on the extreme public display of affection going on beneath her dorm window. She tucked herself back into her bed. She closed her eyes and didn't reopen them until morning.

Thane woke up a few minutes early to have a smoke. He took a good look at his roommate as he lit his cigarette. The first thing he saw was the mess of silver hair, but his eyes quickly caught the black crest of Magnar on his roommate's neck. So this was him. Kier, the son of the legendary Magnar, seen to demons as a traitor, and to humans, an unworthy monster. The hated protector of peace and namesake of this school. The thoughts of resentment Thane was taught rushed through his head, quickly followed by the shame of his own hypocrisy, since he was, after all, lover of a human.

He took another long drag of his cigarette as Kier began to stir. The red eyes of the half demon shot open. Thane put out his cigarette and flicked it out window as quickly as he could, in order to avoid the sunlight.

"OH MY GOODNESS! Your still not up?" the high squeal caused Castalia to poke her head out from under her covers, hair knotted and makeup smeared, in all her morning glory.

"Eghhh" the redhead grunted before shoving her head back to its original position beneath the sheets.

"Maybe if you hadn't stayed out so late last night with that boy" Diantha chastised as she shook the water from her shower out of her white feathered wings. "You wouldn't be so tired. In fact, you probably would have been up ready to go by now and just putting the final touches on your appearance"

Castalia replied by hurling one of her pillows across the room at her chattering roommate.

"I hope this teaches you to be well rested in order to perform at your highest level."

Another grunt.

"Now get up you sleepy head or else you'll miss breakfast, the most important meal of the day!" Diantha proceeded to shake her grumbling roommate until she rose and made her way down the hall to the bathroom.

Colbie walked down the stairwell to her first period class. Looking up from her schedule she saw him: the disgusting half-breed son of the traitor Magnar. With his hair covering his eyes, which seemed to be staring at his shoes anyway, he walked briskly up the stares, trying to look invisible. As Colbie passed him, she shoved him into the wall with her shoulder and continued down the stairs. "Traitor," she murmured and headed for her class.

Kier ignored the girl who had harassed him in the stairwell. He imagined he'd be getting a lot of that here. Not that it really mattered, considering we was generally used to it anyway.

When arriving to his first period class in room 243B Kier sat in what looked to be the furthest corner from anyone. But his person-free space was soon invaded by a perky blonde wing demon. "Hiya!" She flashed him a smile before settling down in the seat beside him.

"My name's Diantha!" Kier looked up then fixed his glance to the desk in front of him.

"What's your name?" Surprise racked his mind and body. He guessed she hadn't seen the crest.

"What's it to you?" he questioned after a brief awkward pause.

"Well, I obviously need to know your name if I'm going to be sitting by you silly!"

"I didn't ask you to sit by me."

"No, but you looked so lonely all by yourself." A sympathetic gaze glossed over her face.

For the second time Kier was completely shocked. "Do you know who I am?" he asked, pronouncing each syllable slowly in case she was as dumb as she looked.

"Well no! You won't tell me your name you silly goose!"

Kier just stared at the fair blonde demon. He had never ever been referred to as a "silly goose" and prayed to god he never would be again.

"Kier." He mumbled looking at his desktop, expecting a disgusted reaction.

"Kier? Oh what a fun name!" She really had no idea who he was. "Don't you just love names that are original! Like back in my village there's at least a dozen 'Rachels.' I mean, there's nothing wrong with the name Rachel, but it obviously got very confusing. You and I turned out lucky! I mean, how many other people have you met with names like ours. Kier and Diantha. Are you a first generation Kier or is it a family name? I was named after my great-grandmother, god rest her soul. On my mother's side of course since—"

Much to Kier's relief the teacher had just arrived in the classroom and called for order. Kier held his head in his hands. He didn't know how long he could take the rambling of that oblivious wing demon.

Just as the class got silent, an ecstatic laughter came from down the hall and approached the classroom. A laughing, half-stumbling Castalia came into view with Thane in tow. He pressed her up against the doorjamb, as her laughter ceased, and just held her, whispering to her gently. He then licked off the warm, red, human blood dripping from the recently placed bite on her left shoulder. As the bell signifying the beginning of class sounded, he kissed her passionately and ran up the hall from whence he came, leaving Castalia to her class.

The elderly teacher, shocked and slightly frightened by what she had just seen, began calling attendance, while Castalia grabbed a tissue to tend to her open wound.

"Angelo" the teacher shouted as Castalia sat down in a very unladylike position in the desk in front of Diantha. "Who's this guy?" she asked looking at Kier.

"Oh, this is Kier. He's my new friend. There was a brief silence where both girls expected to hear Kier say something. "He doesn't talk much." Diantha finished.

"So you're Kier?" Castalia asked, knowing the name instantly.

"Yeah." Kier mumbled half-heartedly, his silver bangs drooping down to fully cover his red eyes.

"Huh." Castalia shrugged, "Cool." Kier was surprised at first, but soon realized. She was referred to as a traitor too. Her display in the doorway with his vampire roommate showed Kier that they were, in a way, the same. And then there was the matter of this wing demon, Diantha. He had never before met anyone who didn't already know who he was.

"Ki—" the teacher paused, not believing the name she was reading, "Kier?" The entire class gasped. Kier fixed his eyes once again on his desk as her raised his hand. Although he couldn't see them, he could feel the powerful hateful glances of he classmates piercing through him. This was going to be a long day.


All right, what'd you think? In case you were wondering why the school is named after this Magnar guy if everyone hates him… I'm not exactly sure. But as my partner in crime, Aubrey Millpond is currently unavailable, I guess I can't exactly change it. So when I figure it out, I'll let you know. I'm working on a second chapter as we speak so expect that soon. Until next time,

Yours Fatally,

Michele Blair