Missing You

You thought that you'd tear me apart,

You'd break me down,

Destroy my heart,

And watch me drown.

Well, just to let you know,

I haven't missed you yet,

And its not just hoping it doesn't show,

This is as real as it gets.

I'm not missing you,

I've barely given you a thought,

If you wonder if I'm still loving you,

My boyfriend says I'm not.

Does it tear you apart?

Does it break you down,

Destroy your heart?

I hope you drown,

Drown in your own tears,

And I hope your fears,

Start pulling you apart.

You're all alone now,

And there's no one to save you,

When your soul is running low,

Because no one else can love you,

The way I had tried to do.

But don't worry I'll be fine,

Because I'm not missing you,

Remember you're the one that said goodbye,

When you decided I wasn't good enough for you.