I wrote this as a dedication to a friend who died in a car crash early Sunday morning. I miss her SO very much, it took me longer then I had planned to write this due to the fact that every time I tried to write something I would start crying to the point that I couldn't see the computer screen.

She touched many people in her life.
She always took care of others over herself.
Since, helping others was so important to her.
She always had a smile on her face
Through thick and thin
The good and the bad
She would not waiver.
No matter how she felt.
She would never let it show.

She was looked up to by many.
She was a person to be noticed
A person to be praised for her talents.

She was beautiful
She was nice
She was sweet
She was considerate
She was strong
She was going to do great things.

She was unfairly ripped away from this world.
She was only seventeen
She had so much more life to live.
So much more to do
And so many more people to help.
But all of her plans were killed
That haunting night
The night that she died.

Her family was shocked.
Her friends were astonished.
It couldn't be true.
It just couldn't be.
An angel like her
Would never be ripped from them so unexpectedly.

But the News that night
Proved them all wrong.
She was gone
She was never coming back

But she still lives on
In all the hearts of the people she touched
For in her short time
That she spent on Earth.
She touched many lives.

She's in Heaven now
And even though I don't quite understand
I think God took her for a good reason.
He just needed another angel.
And He could not have picked a better candidate.

Rest in peace
Devon Nicole McKniff
August 4 1989 - December 24 2006
You will be missed and never truly be forgotten.