If Only You Could See Me

Dedicated to my late-granddad, Abdul Aziz.

Every breath that I take

And step of the way,

I remember your love,

Each moment, each day.

In every direction,

I know you are there,

Until resurrection,

I know that you care.

I feel like an angel,

Your wings help me fly,

Your whispers support me,

Although you have died.

Each action remembers

What you would do,

Trying to live

A life without you.

But when the Sun sleeps,

The Moon comes to stay,

Sadness and truth

Finally have their say.

The tears start again,

My confidence fades,

I listen to the truth

Of the last few days.

You were here but you left,

Nothing I could do,

The whispers of death

Snatched me from you.

Promises are empty,

My heart feels like stone,

While you are nothing

But mere ashes and bones.

But then it is morning,

And the world blinks again,

I refuse to succumb

To my sorrow and pain.

You return like sunshine,

And help me to see,

I smile to myself,

If only you could see me...