Lord, I Pray You by CL Gingerich

There is unrest in this dwelling

Something is stirring

Not of a fair wind

The Devil is attacking most fiercely

these days

I am falling into the mire

with no footholds to guide me

back to You

Surrender is written on my heart

my hands commit no work

I have become ensnared

with no one near to catch me

My faith is lacking

And fear is c l i n g i n g to my soul

Forgive me Father

my sin is eating me

consuming me whole

Please make it quick

I cannot bare to pain my beloved

who loved and is loved by me

Let me count the ways

You say "I love you"

so sincerely

Why have You so humbly given

Yourself to us?

I cannot fathom Your heart

Please keep me

do not forsake me

I am surrounded by love

yet push it away

Why am I weedy and envious?

Why do I allow my faith to lack?

I need to keep Your company

Lucifer does not like that

But You have defeated him time and time over

He is a fool to persist

a cunning fool nevertheless

Lord, shelter me under Your wings

and within Your embrace

With Your arms protecting me

nothing can take me from You

O Lord, You have made the stretching Heavens

and this beautiful Earth

why do I question Your strength?

What You desire is all of me

it scares me to be so vulnerable

Nothing from You has ever harmed me

but the actions of others have caused

great pain

"I don't want your sacrifice, I want your love."

Your words from Hosea six

they are beautiful and promising

How very hard did You work to form me in the womb?

yet it was not wasted time in Your e y e s

No one is a waste of time

because You took the time to make them

But we force ourselves to suffer

sin is our nature

Lord, I sin everyday, hour by hour

I am unworthy

if I touched the hem of Your garment

I would be no more

Your are so holy

Please Father!

consume me with Your life!

Your love!

Your passions!

Take me and make me new

because I cannot survive away from Your guiding hand

Lead me from this mire

I pray You