Story By StormDancer


Catch her eye from across the room, let her smile and blush and drop her gaze. Introduce yourself subtly, charmingly. Sit next to her, brushing your hand occasionally against hers. Make the girl feel like she's the only one in the world.


Meet his questing gaze and let him think you're embarrassed. When he sidles up give him a seemingly unconsciously seductive smile. Drape yourself casually over a chair and make the boy think he's the only one you'd giggle for.


Ask her to dance, so she'll move from that provocative pose that makes you want to move to fast. When she accepts, press yourself against her so she can feel the body heat coming off of you. Let her be the one wanting to move to a dark room.


As he lessens the room between you, move away just enough so that he can almost feel your body moving sensually with the music. Keep him guessing when he looks down meaningfully into your eyes, averting your gaze form the oh-so-alluring liquid of his gaze.


Run your hands gently down her bare arms and end with them on her hips, feeling them sway to the music. Her body flirting with yours and you know this charade of disinterest has to end soon before you explode. You close the distance between you and her again, and hold on when she tries to move away.


Let him pull you closer and resist for form's sake alone. Sense the taut body pressed against yours and your smile drops from appealingly innocent into temptingly knowing. Feel the music come to and end and smirk seductively as he holds you tighter and tries to stay with you as you leave the dance floor. Disappear into the crowd, leaving him always wanting more.


Stare after her as she vanishes off into the crowd, losing sight of her nearly instantly. Gape in disappointment as the dejection of loss sets in. Shake it off and look for another girl, but nothing looks the as appealing as the first. Glance at the double doors outside and notice hers making her way out, pausing at the doorway, grin as you follow.


Stop at the doors to make sure he's seen you. Raise your head in a challenge when he approaches and leads you outside, into the darkness. Allow him to think he's won as you dance, when really it's you who's been pulling the strings.